Bad Omen for Republicans: Four Take Aways from Fox Interview with Barack Obama…Video Clips


Obama on wallace
The entire interview of Barack Obama by Chris Wallace was only an opportunity for the president to spin and manipulate. There were four takeaways from the interview and they might not be a good omen for the GOP. Fox News is the one outlet we could count on to expose the left.

The main takeaways: Obama’s plan for pushing Merrick Garland became obvious; Hillary will be cleared of wrongdoing; our new “values” as defined by the leftists mean we can’t fight Islamic terrorists with much zeal; and Chris Wallace of Fox News didn’t take on Barack Obama the way he takes on GOP candidates.

Fox News has been the only real voice for Conservatives and Libertarians and we need to count on them.

The reason Republicans won’t let Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court nomination come to the floor is partly because Harry Reid, under Obama’s guidance, wouldn’t let any bills or Republican initiatives come to the floor and he pushed through leftist judges illicitly using the nuclear option.

Something else is clear. If the Republicans give in, it will provide the Democrats with more ammunition to attack Republicans for not clearing this nomination. No one is suggesting Garland isn’t a competent and brilliant judge but he is a partisan judge and therein lies the problem.

Barack Obama admitted that the Republicans won’t be able to block his nomination once all the fury of the leftists in the Senate and in the media have him before a hearing. Hearings are rubber stamps and he can talk his way into the job. He’ll pretend he won’t make decisions based on his ideology but it won’t be true.

Watch this clip on Garland but pay attention to what he says at the very end.

The president’s point on terrorism is that we must abide by our “values” which he is defining for us. He lied and said Trump – without mentioning his name – wants to ban all Muslims from the country – but Wallace didn’t call him on it. When he said Cruz wants to carpet bomb and kill innocents, Wallace made sure to say that was Ted Cruz he was referring to when the president didn’t mention Cruz’s name. Obviously Cruz doesn’t want to kill innocents.

Wallace asked Obama if he feels badly when terrorists kill people.

Obama claimed he couldn’t interfere in the Hillary investigation when Wallace asked him about it but talked about it anyway.

People will remember when he said there wasn’t a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS even though the IRS blatantly harassed and threatened conservatives who tried to obtain 401(c)’s. Obama gave that same assurance about the FBI and the DoJ during this interview and Wallace said nothing to counter.

Wallace didn’t mention that Lois Lerner was clearly harassing conservatives but the FBI declined to indict. He didn’t mention the clear case against the New Black Panthers who – on film – menaced white voters. The DoJ declined to prosecute because the offenders were black.

At the end, Wallace gave Obama an opportunity to reminisce and it became another opportunity for him to politicize and promote. Notice how he gets Sandy Hook in the conversation. Do people really believe his concern is anything more than taking away our Second Amendment rights?

Interviews with GOP candidates are a lot rougher.


  1. Even more reason Mitch McConnell and GOP MUST stand there ground and not allow and meeting to happen.’s time to push back or there will be no GOP . Obama’s agenda is clear The GOP refused to challenge all his executive orders and now they’ve created a monster .
    Somebody Please stand up for what’s right and push back on this SOB and his Saul Alinsky’s 8 steps towards socialism plan he’s had on mind from the start …

  2. Congress has been sitting on their brains for eight years. I will not vote for any incumbent. I will vote for a primary candidate or draft a competent write in and create my own term limits whatever the outcome. They no longer represent “we the people.” Throw them out every election so they cannot become corrupted. Republican/Democrat-no difference. They have allowed him to become a king and destroy America. And he will continue our destruction until the last day thanks to a do nothing Congress.

  3. Chris Wallace? Reminds me of the Soprano’s quote

    “talking about Vito Spatafore’s son Vito Jr] I guess the turd didn’t fall far from the ******* ass.

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