The Budget: Republicans Can’t See What’s In It


To quote Nancy, you need to pass it to see what's in it

“Senator Kent Conrad is about to release the Senate Democrats’ budget. What we know so far is that Senate Democrats are aghast at what might be in it.

Now, I can’t actually tell you what is in Senator Conrad’s budget because only Senate Democrats have actually seen it. It is not released to the public. Even Senate Republicans have not seen it.

Based on what Senator Conrad is saying, Senate Republicans will be prohibited from seeing the budget they are expected to vote on until the moment they begin marking down the budget. In other words, there will be no time to review the budget before changes are to be offered to the budget.

This is important because Mr. Obama sent over his budget and it was full of ridiculous gimmicks. In fact, it was too gimmicky for even the Congressional Budget Office. Obama claims the budget balances, but only does so if you exclude payments on our national debt and related interest. The CBO says the budget never balances. And that’s not all.

So Senate Democrats are going to come out of the gate, proclaim themselves the saviors of fiscal sanity in Washington, and do so with a budget no one has had time to see, let alone process and weed out all the gimmicks…”
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