Catholic Man Loses It Over Global Warming Brainwashing by Religious Speakers


Catholic man who loses it

The video below shows more than just a man losing self-control.

The “instruction” on global warming and what they say is the responsibility of Catholics could be construed as brainwashing. If we do what they want, it could possibly destroy our sovereignty for very little, if any, gain.

You be the judge.

The man in the audience, who comes in at the end, loses it – literally – over the lecture by extreme far-left global warming believers at this Catholic church event.

Pope Francis has directed his prelates to do exactly this throughout the world and this lecture is not an isolated event.

At first, the man received applause but then went too far. He was stopped by a priest directing the audience to stand for the Our Father.

The Sister says at the beginning of the presentation that they will tell people “the best way to put man in his rightful place” and “take away his dominion over the Earth,” which we don’t “love”.

The lecturers call for an ecological conversion with new national and local policies from a globalist’s perspective, with universal laws that would obviously overrule our Constitution. Pope Francis is calling us to rid the earth of fossil fuels as a source of energy.

They want our government to pay much more towards the global climate fund which will be handled by the corrupt dictators in the U.N..

They are calling for the church to unite with science in this. What happened to the separation of church and state? That’s gone once it’s convenient for the far-left?

Before the man lost it completely, he called it “heresy” and pleaded for the return of the traditional church. Heresy by the way is defined as “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.”

You can decide if this is heresy or not.

He wants his church back. He said they are paying for abortions. In fact, Pope Francis, who is opposed to abortions, is working with the most extreme global warming activists who are also activists for abortion and population control.

It’s too bad he went off the deep end because he lost the point with all the crazy screaming.

The video was put up by a website called Infowars and has now gone viral. There is a longer 90-minute version you can click on.


  1. I am A Catholic was raised catholic and it is scary what this POPE is doing he is siding with the democrats the party of abortion and is making a laughing stock of the Catholic Church. He has done some things that go against the catholic religion .Catholics are leaving the church in large numbers because of it’s leaders .No mater what he does or anyone else does China and many other communist countries will laugh in his face .Our church and our country is in a very scary way because of our leaders.

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