Combat Photographer Faces 130 Years for Making Passes at Women

Tech Sgt Allmon
Tech Sgt Aaron Allmon

In the case of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who is charged with the serious offense of desertion for abandoning his buddies on the battlefield, there was a recommendation for a special court-martial, the lowest level, for misdemeanors. In the case of the annoying flirt Tech. Sgt. Aaron D. Allmon II charged with being “socially maladroit and crass”, the recommendation could be up to 130 years in the brig.

The Washington Times reported a new case in the gender wars that has hit the military. Combat photographer Sgt. Allmon, who has PTSD and a bad back from his 20 years in the service, will be court-martialed on Monday.

Sgt. Allmon didn’t rape anyone. His crimes include moving one lady’s shorts out of the way to look at her tattoo, touching her back, and then there were the three kisses and the four other touches, and inappropriate comments. He generally tries to pick up women in a crude way at Minot Air Force base where he was teaching wartime photography.

The investigator in his case, Col. Turkey, harshly criticized the excessive charges piled on the Sergeant but recommended the highest punishment anyway because that’s the PC thing to do these days. It’s sick!

Col. Turkey:

“Given the sheer volume of charges in this case, and the apparent tendency of that volume to artificially exaggerate the criminality of the accused, it is entirely possible that the trial judge will simply dismiss the offending specifications,” Turkey wrote.

He also wrote, “The charging scheme exaggerates the criminality of the accused (as charged the accused faces 20 specifications carrying a maximum punishment including 130 years of confinement) for no real purpose.”

“In many of the individual specifications,” he wrote, “it could be argued that the accused was not so much motivated by sex or a desire to humiliate or degrade as simply being socially maladroit and crass.”

Still, he concluded, “Having heard the witnesses and examined the evidence presented at the Article 32 investigation, I conclude that generally speaking, probable cause exists to believe that Sgt. Allmon engaged in the conduct in the charges.”

If convicted, Sgt. Allmon would lose all retirement benefits, his rank would be reduced to the lowest enlisted rank, he would receive a dishonorable discharge, and then there is that jail sentence of course. The 130 years actually works out to about 15 years.

As a sexual harasser, he is considered a serious criminal whereas the deserter Bergdahl is not and will get a pass.

Sgt. Allmon is the victim of a witch hunt in the PC gender wars.

Sgt. Allmon has a very impressive legal team who believe he is being treated unfairly. His legal team includes Jeffrey Addicott, a former Army judge advocate who is now a law professor at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. The lead civilian defender is Virginia Hermosa, who practices law in Austin and has served as a prosecutor for the Texas attorney general.

Mr. Addicott is also director of the school’s Center for Terrorism Law from which he goes to bat for service members, pro bono, who he believes are treated unfairly by the military justice system.

He is astonished that Allmon is being tried in felony court instead of seeking administrative or lesser judicial options like Bergdahl.

“The full weight of the military chain of command has come down on Aaron because the chain of command has abandoned justice and elected expediency,” Mr. Addicott said.

Sgt. Allmon’s legal team is taking on a sick and virulent government system that’s fighting a PC war on behalf of women who may or may not deserve support.

You would think his 20 years of combat service would have meant something, but it doesn’t in Obama’s military. This man has PTSD. Perhaps he needs mental care, not jail. Did he act out of illness? Not that these charges fit the crime. It’s insane. It’s a minor harassment case being treated like a rape.

Obama has ruined – at least temporarily – every government agency, even the military.