Defund Obamacare – The Bill With No Future




The movement to defund Obamacare is for one year only and is, in effect, a one-year delay to the individual mandate. It will fund the entire government but not Obamacare.

Mr. Obama has unconstitutionally rewritten the Affordable Care Act several times and will continue to do so ad infinitum. One of the rewrites put the employer mandate off for one-year, but not the individual mandate.

Mr. Obama will not agree to delay the individual mandate because he wants Obamacare to become entrenched before the damage from the employer mandate kicks in. He also wants the worst of Obamacare delayed until after the 2014 election with the entitlements backing up the individual mandate implemented by January 2014.

The Republicans agree that Obamcare needs to go but they don’t agree on how to do it because, to be honest, there is probably no way to accomplish that goal.

Speaker Boehner agreed to go along with the Conservatives in the House and put before the House a bill that funds the entire government and defunds Obamacare for one year.

Critics of the negotiating tactic say it is political theater, it is meant to shut down the government, there is no end game, and it’s absurd because it is not achievable and would require 67 votes in a Democratic Senate which is not possible.

They also say this is about Ted Cruz running for office. Ted Cruz, however, was elected to do precisely what he is doing. He is doing as his constituents want. Many politicians simply do what THEY want.

Many of the critics, and some of the harshest critics, are other Republicans.

Republicans can’t rail against the Conservatives enough. They are calling Conservatives fools because they say they can’t even do the math.

Conservatives know the math doesn’t work. They are using a negotiating tactic and are hoping to build up grass roots support which, right now, looks impossible. Ted Cruz’ worst enemy are the Republicans. They are doing a lot more damage than any Democrat could do.

These Republicans propose Conservatives wave the White Flag.

It is frustrating to Conservatives. Mr. Obama makes impossible demands almost every time he speaks. He wants to tax and spend without restriction and that is not going to happen, but Republicans aren’t holding him to the same standard.

The intensity of the attacks on Mike Lee and Ted Cruz by Republicans has been unprecedented and unrelenting. With Republicans attacking the negotiating tactic, it is certainly not possible for it to work. The game is probably over.

Rand Paul said yesterday that we probably can’t get rid of Obamacare and the defunding option won’t work but it’s a starting point. He does believe it is possible to get rid of some parts of Obamacare. He has the white flag on the ready.

Moderate Republicans don’t have a better idea. The approach they advocate is to fund Obamacare and either take a stand against Obamacare during the debt ceiling debate or hope it collapses in on itself, which is a non-strategy.

The debt ceiling debate would be even more volatile and a fight over Obamacare is not going to happen at that time.

Obamacare won’t collapse because there has been too much money invested in it by the special interests who helped write the bill. It is also a matter of control. This administration will simply convert it into Single Payer as the insurance companies crash and burn.

Republicans who are opposed to Obamacare but do not want to defund say that we can’t do anything until a new administration is voted in, but they are ignoring the fact that once these entitlements are entrenched and the Obamacare policies and the system are fully activated, there is no president who will be able to get rid of it. Even if we win the election in 2016, it will be too late.

Critics of Cruz say he doesn’t have an end game. They also believe the defunding option has given Democrats the fuel to launch further attacks. They believe defunding can be used to blame Republicans for a government shutdown, which polls show is an accurate assessment. They’re worried about being re-elected.

Ted Cruz wants to keep the onus on Democrats as the ones who are shutting down the government. He believes the problem is Republicans not standing up for anything or fighting against anything.

Democrats are winning in the polls on this issue to date. They win in all the polls on every issue. America has changed and Americans don’t, by-and-large pay a lot of attention. They also seem willing to give up freedom and privacy for government ‘security.’

There is a potential path to success. If Mitch McConnell delivers 41 votes to stop Reid from stripping the defunding bill out of the Obamacare portion – and he possibly could do that if he feels Obamacare is worth fighting for – the bill would then put pressure on red state Democrats. If that fails, the bill goes back to the House where representatives would have to be willing to defund the government in hopes of continuing the battle.

As impossible as this might sound, Ted Cruz has tremendous courage in following the will of the people he represents. He just might win from sheer force of will. One man can change the world.

Senator Lindsey Graham has come out in support of defunding though he believes that realistically the most we can hope for are some concessions.[update: 9/22: Graham will not vote to defund unless it gets to 60 votes.]

On Fox News Sunday, Cruz was asked about the controversy and what the end game is.

Ted Cruz said that what he would like to see – if and when the spending bill fails – is to have it come back to the House and then have the House send back smaller bills that fund the government on an item-by-item basis. For instance, he would send the military funding over to the Senate and let the Democrats vote against it. He continually makes the point that it is Obama and the Democrats who want to shut down the government.

Ted Cruz makes his case on Fox News Sunday:

Brit Hume sums up the reaction to Ted Cruz’ defense of his tactic: