Doctors Should Control Your 2nd Amendment Rights, Leftists Say


Leftists are back at it. They want doctors to decide if you or I can have concealed carry gun permits. How this stops criminals who don’t follow laws is a mystery. They have concocted a flimsy study to support the idea. They love research they control.

The Atlantic, a left-wing online publication, wants public health professionals to determine if we are fit to have a gun. Their recent article, “Doctors’ Role in Stopping Gun Violence”,  takes the positive statistics which show gun violence going down and twist it into a negative against gun ownership. They cleverly make doctors morally responsible for gun violence and gun control.

We should trust them?

The leftists have a solution to gun violence – the “friendly, neighborhood family doctor” can decide if a person can or cannot carry a concealed gun. Sounds a little unconstitutional but what does it matter with this administration.

North Carolina and other states are apparently doing it already.

They found in a survey of doctors asking their views on it, which was taken by only a third of the doctors they sent it too – a mere 222 doctors, most didn’t feel qualified to make the decision.

Leftists have a solution for that as well.

Dr. Adam Goldstein, who was behind the “study” based on the survey wants them trained.

I submit to you that the ones who will want the training will be doctors opposed to guns.

“Doctors are qualified to do this, but they need guidance,” [Dr. Adam] Goldstein said in a telephone interview. “The physician that best knows the patient is the best type of physician to do these assessments. In most cases, that would be the primary care physician.

It is likely that many gun owners will start lying to their “friendly, neighborhood family doctor” if they feel they are also spying for the government.

Barack Obama who has successfully politicized every government agency with his left-wing appointments hopes to do more with the Inspector General’s office.  He hopes to use the Office to implement his oppressive gun control vision.


He attempted to appoint Dr. Vivek Murthy, an under-qualified, rabid anti-gun doctor, to the position of Surgeon General. His only claim to fame is that he will further the Obama anti-gun agenda with the power of the government’s health research arm and a very loud megaphone.

Vivek Murthy, an ally of Barack Obama, is a community organizer of doctors. He is a Boston physician whose only significant achievement is his organizing of Doctors for America, a group that says they are nonpartisan but has openly advocated for Obama. The group started out as Doctors for Obama.

His group successfully fought a proposed Florida law that would have prevented doctors from including in a person’s medical file whether they are a gun owner. Doctors for America has referred to guns as a public health threat, and circulated a petition to pressure Congress to pass stricter gun laws. Murthy will undoubtedly push for all doctors to do the same.

His Doctors for America (DFA) has exhibited its extreme agenda, pushing Congress to ban “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines, and spending more tax dollars for more research to prove that fewer guns would lower the crime rate.

Murthy’s appointment was rejected by Congress but Obama was infuriated over it and plans to not give up.

Doctors would essentially become spies for the government under this type of rule. It’s beyond their pay grade and it’s none of their business. If they want psychiatrists involved in gun permits for the mentally ill or Alzheimer’s patients, that’s one thing, but making all doctors responsible for all concealed carry permits is the bridge to far they are willing to cross.

All the pieces would come together nicely if the 2nd Amendment is handed over to public health professionals who will feel they always have to err on the side of rejecting permits to avoid lawsuits or the long arm of a menacing government (since they are now employees of the government thanks to Obamacare).