Egypt’s Military Commander Demands Politicians Answer Peoples’ Demands


Egypt protests

Photo of Sunday’s protests in Egypt

As many as 17 million Egyptians have taken to the streets. The protests are spreading and growing in major Egyptian cities. The top military commander in Egypt is now demanding that the politicians respond to the peoples’ demands by Wednesday.

President Obama is voting absent as people take to the streets against the dictatorial leader Morsi. He won’t support the people over the Brotherhood thug Morsi.

Their demands are simple. The Tamrod movement paper put it succinctly:

“No more Morsi, we want elections now.”  They say they are willing to stay in the streets until they get it.

The paper also reports that a large group of former police officers and former interior ministers lent their support to the opposition and joined the protests in Tahrir Square. [Times of Israel]

Colonel General Abdul Fatah Saeed Hussein Khailil Al-Sisi, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces since August of last year, is known to have been critical of brutality against protesters in the Egyptian Revolution.

In a TV statement, General al-Sisi called the mass protests against Egypt’s president ‘unprecedented’ and said the military is ready to offer its own ‘road map for the future.’

On Monday he gave the politicians 48 hours to answer demands made by the Egyptian people or the military will offer its solution. Al-Sisi said on state TV that calls for Morsi to resign are an ‘unprecedented’ expression of the popular will. Read the full story at

This is what the protesters were hoping for – military intervention.

The danger in these protests/riots is that the protesters themselves are comprised of strange bedfellows from liberal secularists to radical Islamists. If not dealt with properly, the country, already suffering under extreme poverty, could descend into chaos. The protesters are also rioting agains the US who they believe is too close to Morsi, which is true. We have supported and promoted the Muslim Brotherhood who have imposed Islamic rule on the people.

The secularists are demanding Morsi resign by Tuesday or they will arrange more mass protests. Islamic rule has upset many in Egypt and he is being blamed for economic mismanagement.

Tourism and investment are now non-existent, inflation is rampant and fuel supplies are running short. There are long lines for fuel and power outages in the hot Egyptian summer.

Morsi admitted that he had made mistakes and was working to fix them. He said he was open to dialogue. He made similar offers last week which were ignored by opponents.  Morsi shows no signs of quitting.

Senior Brotherhood official Essam El-Erian made this comment on Facebook: “There was no civil war, as the liars advertised … and there will be no military coup as the losers want.

Ten have died so far.