Eliminating the Electoral College Eliminates States Rights and Obama Remains As President


The Tyranny of the Masses

cartoon by Pavel Constantin

While we are paying attention to the OWS and to Republican debates where the candidates annihilate each other, the Progressives moved ahead with their plan to keep themselves in power forever, starting in 2012.

They plan to do this by eliminating the role of states, a protection written into our Constitution, and they are doing it covertly while in plain sight. The Progressive initiative is called the “National Popular Vote Compact” aka NPVC and their information is being spread nationwide via the Internet since 2008.

They claim it is “true democracy” but “democracy” to them is interchangeable with “socialism” and worse, as it was in the sixties. They are moving state by state to bypass the Constitutional amendment process, relegating our SCOTUS to complete insignificance. As per the Communist Manifesto, “popularism” is the means of “democracy.”  It achieves a monopoly of democratic parties for the worldwide Socialist order.

Their goal is to have all the required 270 Electoral Votes needed for a “winner” given to the candidate who wins the largest number of popular votes nationally – no matter how small the win margin and no difference how many states voted to oppose him.

Once enough states have passed it to reach the 270 Electoral Votes, the NPVC goes into effect for the next and all Presidential elections. This bill currently has passed enough state houses to reach 160 EV’s out of the 270 needed. It won’t matter how strongly some states are against it. NPVC has passed 1 of the 2 required chambers in more than 30 other states.

This could become the Law of the Land, trashing our Constitution and the rights of individual states and their residents. Are you surprised given Obama’s penchant for suing states? Plus, we’d never get rid of this thing.

The electoral college system gives all states representation in our government, so that ranchers in Wyoming, and elite et al in NYC have a say in who becomes President.

Under the new proposed system, tax and spend entitlement Progressives in the cities would have a say but corn farmers in Iowa would have none.

Since the Democrats and unions control the big cities with fraud, an over-abundance of liberals, and control of the voting machines, the disadvantage is obvious. In Illinois, the city of Chicago controls the state and the same will happen here. The big cities will control the White House. Illinois, Cali, NY and NJ have passed this law. Do you want them controlling your state?

Could this be why Obama isn’t all that worried about re-election?

Guess who is behind this. That’s right, George Soros and others, including his son. George Soros has a history of taking over the politics of countries to their detriment. His son has propagandized the “Junk the Electoral Process” since 2008.

Also behind the movement are Vikram Ama and Akhil Reed Amar.

Gulagbound found out the following about them: they are highly credentialed attorneys (and brothers) who devised this “state bill” compact, as a strategy to get around the normal requirements for constitutional amendment – and, instead, undermine the Electoral College by bypassing both Congress and the voters! V. Amar is the author of hundreds of legal articles and several books. Although his age is included in a wiki-bio, Vikram’s country of origin is not mentioned. His articles cover topics like this: ”Should Christian groups on state campuses be allowed to restrict their membership to Christians.” Many articles are aimed at using the legal system against the Constitution. Here’s two books he’s written: “Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking” and The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction.

Akhil Amar has also “recently proposed that every American should be required to undergo a DNA test so that a national DNA database can be created.”

There is more. Read it at Gulagbound or just google them.

The GOP is falling for it in some cases and the Progressies can claim it’s bipartisan.

Call and write you state representatives immediately.We have to stop this. It’s a great way to steal the 2012 election.

AR, CT, DE, MI, NV, NM, NC, OR, VT (& according to NPV site CO has now passed it in both chambers and sent it to the Governor for signing.)
Also, legislation is currently filed but not yet voted in favor in these states:
AK now in Committee
AL filed in the Senate this year
AZ introduced in the Senate by a Republican!
FL bill now active in both chambers
GA bill introduced in both chambers
IN introduced in the assembly
KY introduced in the House
LA passed House Committee and introduced in the Senate
MO introduced in the House
MS introduced in both chambers
MT introduced in the Senate
ND introduced in the House
NH introduced in the House
OK passed Senate Committee and introduced in the House
SD introduced in the Senate
TX introduced in both chambers
UT introduced in Senate and House
VA introduced in Senate
WARNING: Also listed as current and active legislation in these states:

Please check here for the October 28th event: Heritage – National Popular Vote and bypassing the Constitution

Information obtained here: Gulagbound