Establishment Marches on as Voters Say “Burn, Baby, Burn



Trump has rejuvenated a dead GOP and I can say that as someone who supports a different candidate.

The GOP establishment has one hope to destroy Trump and that is to move to a brokered convention which will allow them to anoint someone like Marco Rubio for example. That will blow up the party but it will help them maintain their elite status. It is suicidal to try and take the election from the people and hand it over to some party bosses in smoke-filled rooms who horse trade for the party nominee.

They don’t care.

Worse than that, they want to keep the status quo. They have done nothing, said nothing when Obama tore our Constitution to shreds but we are sure hearing from them now. Bill Kristol was on Morning Joe today saying they – the establishment – are willing to let Hillary have the election.

The establishment is willing to blow the party up to preserve their power.

Trump won support because he talked about those things that Americans wanted the GOP to talk about but wouldn’t, such as illegal immigration and bad trade deals. We owe him for that.

We are facing a division in the party at a time when the Democrats are running a corrupt woman who has promised to be a third term of Barack Obama, a Marxist. She will pick the Supreme Court nominees and she will pick leftists.

Our Bill of Rights, especially the First and Second Amendments will be on the block.

The establishment cares more about their elite status. They are willing to blow up the party instead of coalescing. So many of us coalesced around Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney but they won’t coalesce around anyone they don’t want.

Some of the GOP suggested they will rally around Cruz but they hate Cruz as much as they hate Trump and they won’t. He has bucked them all and called out the liars.

We could win this election. Trump has a movement going. He has excited people. Trump followers don’t think Trump is flawless, they think he will do much more than the establishment has done.

Trump has brought in people from every demographic as he has said. Hillary can’t bring in the youth and even women. There is little enthusiasm for her.

The GOP believes some of these crossovers from other parties are voting for Trump to guarantee the Republicans get the worst possible candidate. The next four primaries are closed – Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Ma. The establishment believes that Trump can’t win in primaries that are Republican only.

Only they are wrong again. In Kansas, Trump is leading at 26%, he leads in Kentucky with 35%, one poll in Louisiana shows him leading with 29%, in Maine he’s 10 points ahead of anyone else, and in Nebraska, Trump leads with 30%.

The GOP also thinks if everyone but Cruz drops out, the votes will go to Rubio which is absurd. Cruz is the only one who has shown any ability to beat Trump. I’d like to see him have a shot. He is a true conservative and he’s not liar.

The establishment wants us to believe Rubio is viable but he’s not. The GOP is so oblivious to reality that they are going to bring Mitt Romney out tomorrow to give a major speech. Why Romney? Are they nuts?

The turnout gives us a picture of who could win this thing. Except for Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont, the GOP has brought in many more people. Trump has a movement behind him and that is what it will probably take to beat Hillary.

voter turnout

Todd Starnes got it right. The establishment can’t understand why voters won’t do their bidding. Trump has appeal and Cruz does as well.

Here is why.


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