FBI and Hackers Can Watch You Through Your Webcam



The FBI can hack into everyone’s webcams on computers and other internet devices without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording. They get in by using a phishing technique – a misleading link slipped into an email. When the user clicks the link, it connects to an FBI computer.

They can also listen to you through your microphone.

The FBI hasn’t even discussed it with the American public. They just do it.

Using information gleaned from these types of surveillance has been both rejected and accepted by different courts and innocent people can be swept up.

This is according to the Washington Post’s account told to them by the former assistant director of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division in Quantico.

They need to use the technique for terrorism and criminal cases but anyone can be caught up in a sweep.

It’s not just the FBI, criminal hackers can do it too. In addition, Microsoft has undocumented backdoors for the NSA to enter. They can get into any Microsoft OS computer that is online.

You can do something about it. When not using devices such as computers, smart phones and iPads, turn off the Internet. If that is inconvenient, don’t have these devices in personal spaces – where you dress or sleep. Last and perhaps the best, put masking tape over the microphone and webcam.