Four Brief Video Clips Which Explain Liberals’ Views on the Paris Attack


The blame America crowd is out in full force.

Bill Maher blamed the ISIS attack on the US bombing in Syria. Some believe that if we bomb them there, they won’t attack us in the States. Maher says the opposite. He also said that our war over there caused the problem but actually, it was Obama leaving without a status of forces agreement that changed the course of the wars we had won, though at great cost.

Maher thinks Iran is fighting ISIS and we only have to sit back with popcorn.

Dylan Ratigan blamed our support of our Saudi Arabian allies.

They will be happy to hear that our administration plans to do nothing beyond diplomacy. I think Kerry should go to Syria, Raqqa in particular, and personally dialogue with them. Maybe he could bore them into submission.

Kerry said: “The events in Paris underscore the threat that Daesh poses to all of us. In the region and well beyond it unfortunately. This is a major reason that President Obama’s announced new steps to take on Daesh militarily. But we all know that Daesh cannot be defeated in the end without deescalating the conflict in Syria which attracts fighters to this battlefield. That will require a political process and that’s why we’re here in Vienna yet again.”

Obama wouldn’t even call it radical Islamic terrorism, but rather, he called it “extremism”. He didn’t call Hollande because he knew he was “busy” and it was too soon “to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this.”



  1. Breath!! Bill Maher is about as REAL as obama’s birth certificate! Did you see any counter points, any real debate going on? It is a SHOW! Bill is the STAR! They can not allow him to look bad, it’s slanted to his favor! I work in the ” BIZ” I actually worked for for him once! Intellectually dishonest would be putting it mildly! By some fluke an actual debate happens Bills mic is gained higher to over power any opposing opinion, it’s theater for the stupid! His opponents are never the best or brightest, they are chosen to fit a stereotype . The same goes for politics ! When asked real question, they divert, lie, or just ignore!
    Be thankful you have a “thinking” mind!
    One correction to your post “ignorant” is not the word you were looking for! “Ignorant” can be fixed, ” stupid ” can not!

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