George W. Bush Identifies Jeb’s #1 Enemy… and It’s NOT Trump



By Anthony Stark

As if in response to the comment I made just YESTERDAY: “Cruz represents DESTROYING THE POWER OF THESE CRONY CORPORATIST PUPPETS of the Banksters and the Chamber of Commerce and they all know it.  The opposition of these RINO HACKS is the BEST REASON TO SUPPORT HIM.

…Ex-President George W. Tongue-tied came out to support his brother Jeb’s floundering Presidential run, whose supporters apparently now consist of his family, his plutocratic donor friends down at the Chamber of Commerce and the Denver mansion where he spoke to them… and the dinosaur RINO traitors in the Republican Establishment “leadership” who are looking at the extinction of their power square in the face in the form of the fiery Donald Trump asteroid that continues to hurtle toward them.

But they seem to feel that the Trump Death Star will eventually pass them by… and they realize that the REAL THREAT, as the highly revealing Politico article below flatly states, is Ted Cruz.

Linked here: “George W. Bush Unleashes on Ted Cruz”

While W.’s professional flacks and handlers did their full time job of interpreting W.’s incoherent language for the public in order to somewhat walk his remarks back, it is CLEAR that the former President let the cat out of the bag in front of the Plutocrats that the Bush Family has ALWAYS been most comfortable with:

According to several donors, the former president said not to doubt Cruz’s strength.

“He said he thought Cruz was going to be a pretty formidable candidate against Jeb, especially in Texas and across the South,” a donor said…  “I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said Sunday night, according to conversations with more than half a dozen donors who attended the event.


The Bush Family doesn’t want to make the same mistake Bush 1 made with Reagan in 1980 by being overly confident in the RINO Establishment’s ability to deliver the Republican nomination against a REAL Constitutional Conservative who has traction with the Base and deep credibility as a fighter for Conservative principles again the RINO liars and sellouts… hence they fear Cruz, who THEY KNOW is the true heir to the Reagan Revolution.

Bush’s complaint about Cruz is summed up here by “…a donor ” who said. “He’s frustrated to have watched Cruz basically hijack the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican Party in Washington…”

Get it?

The RINO Establishment is frustrated and upset that Cruz has “HIJACKED” a Party that they CLEARLY THINK BELONGS TO THEM, not to the tens of millions of people who make up the Base and the Grassroots.

God forbid that Cruz should take it away from them… “HIJACK IT” …and actually advocate for conservative policies favored by the people that MAKE UP the Party as opposed to the Fat Cats who think they OWN IT.

Also notice that while Bush thinks brother Jeb is superior to boy-RINO Marco Rubio, he goes soft enough on him to indicate that if the anemic and listless Jeb fails, Rubio is the youthful… and compliant… back-up choice of the Banksters and Crony Corporatists in the Eastern Establishment.

The article reports that “…a number of young professionals, who were offered reduced $250 tickets at the last minute in an effort to fill the room,” it may indicate that a rush to Rubio may already be under way since the campaign is apparently having trouble lining up enough of the usual collection of wealthy donors proffering their bribes to the anointed RINO “front runner.”

Despite all the heat that Trump is rightly and legitimately turning up against them, it looks like the Establishment is continuing to hope that he will self-destruct before the Convention; but it appears that they know that the real, long-term threat to their puppet candidate… as well as their dominance and control of the Republican Party… is Ted Cruz.


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