Get Smart — There Are No Lone Wolves!


Zuhdi Jasser, a physician who is an activist for MODERATE Islam,  was asked about the Berlin terrorist by Mollie Line on Fox News. This terrorist was deported after being jailed for burning down a refugee center. The Italians deported him to nowhere – no one knows where – somewhere in the EU. His roommate was a terrorist.

This guy was not a lone wolf. He is part of a global jihad! We must declare war on radical Islam, Dr. Jasser said.

“Well two things,” Mr. Jasser said. “First of all, this guy is a known wolf, he’s not alone. Stop the known wolf terminology. These guys are part of a global jihad. I’ve been asking for the mantra, it’s the global jihad, stupid. If they are coming from jihadist countries like Tunisia, Syria, whatever it is, they need to be on the radar. Secondly, we need to monitor not just the ones that are known wolfs, that are known to police, but also the ideological public footprints of Islamist websites, of grieving sites that are anti-western, anti-Semitic, that are part of the Sharia state identification movement.”

This is a very interesting interview.

Using the term lone wolf is nonsensical. We are in a worldwide jihad and lone wolves are part of the plan.

“Lone wolf” has no meaning as a label and it is part of the terror model that has evolved into the international network of independent operatives terror groups have been hoping for all along. It is one of the moving parts.

Lone wolves are never alone. They have guides, mentors, training networks, recruiters and they are part of the network.

Last May’s issue of AQAP’s Inspire magazine explained why jihadists who work “independently in the land of the kuffar without having to report to the Mujahideen leadership” are so valuable in the overall strategy.

They are jihadi operatives and they are part of the worldwide movement. In the case of the most recent “lone wolf”, Ahmad Khan Rahami, he traveled to Afghanistan numerous times where he was undoubtedly guided and trained. Our leaders like Mayor de Blasio are telling us there is no evidence of foreign involvement.

The rhetoric of “lone wolf” terrorists allows those who do not want to admit that radical Islam is a problem to brush off terror as isolated incidents, saying all jihad is local and the result of one crazed or marginalized person, or as Karen Greenberg would have us believe, a few people traveling in packs.