Glenn Beck Has Gone Mad Over the Racial Divide



On his show Wednesday, Glenn Beck said the country needs to “atone” for its divisive racial past, not for slavery, for a lousy reconstruction period.

“I know a lot of people disagree with this — they’re still yelling about slavery — I’m sorry, dude, 600,000 people, most of them white, lost their lives,” Beck said. “The country was washed in blood and Abraham Lincoln was willing to lose it all … against slavery.”

Beck said the country atoned for slavery then, but “picked it right back up” in reconstruction.

“We just changed from slavery to something else, … but there was no atonement there,” he said.

Lawrence Jones, a contributor for TheBlaze, agreed with Beck, adding, “At the end of the day, God is right. God is the one who is going to bring us all together.”

Beck just set whites back. White supremacy, white guilt, white privilege are all meant to make people hate whites, traditional whites specifically, and he just added to it.

People have to atone for their sins and for the things they don’t do to help others but not for our divisive past. What about the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice in World War II? What about the many who generously give to others and who sacrifice to make a difference?

America has done so much good and the people who were evil in their treatment of blacks are mostly shut down or they’re dead. No one of right mind wants them to have a voice. There will always be evil people but America is the best and freest country in the world. We were more united before all this anti-white hate and the rise of the statists.

A great deal of money has been poured into black communities. Whites are trying to help but we don’t need to atone for sins of people who are dead or unrelated to any of us.

When tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children were flooding across the border, Glenn Beck went to the border with teddy bears to greet them and to insult conservatives as unkind, painting them all with one brush.

Beck has morphed many times in his career. He’s morphing again into some kind of twisted preacher.

We should read about the reconstruction – he’s right. Read about the Progressive Woodrow Wilson and his re-segregation of Federal employees. Consider how the left has further enslaved poor black people.

Do blacks have any responsibility in this? Do they have the responsibility to take care of their children?

What do you think?

Here is Beck’s “free”, “complimentary” clip with a long ad at the beginning.



  1. I believe it was last week, Beck announced that he was about to take TheBlazeTV in another direction. It was at that moment that I thanked myself for having the good sense to cancel my subscription.

    I cringe every time someone goes off on this white privilege, white guilt, slavery, reparations tangent.

    Back to Beck. He is tripping on his own sauce.

    • That’s really interesting Puma. He sounds like a preacher on his radio show. I am wondering if he’s actually a con man. If he goes left to make money then I’ll know he is. My guess is he’s going religious left.

    • Lest we forget Jesus Christ made the final atonement on the cross 2000 years ago. Maybe its not what people wanted or expected but as far as me and my family goes we’ll take it. Henry.

    • Personally I can’t stand Glenn Beck. Years ago Debra Medina was running for the governorship against Rick Perry here in Texas. Beck had Ms. Medina on his radio show and ambushed her with some question about 9/11/2001. It caught her off guard and she stumbled over the question by not giving a definitive answer. I can’t remember now exactly what it was though. But Beck and whoever was his co-host began relentlessly mocking Ms. Medina and that was one of the reasons her bid against Perry failed. (I voted for Debra) It infuriated me as Beck’s haunt at the time was in New York and he inserted himself into Texas politics. I wrote extensively about him and how he is a putz on my former blog, which I don’t know if you might remember Denise. Christine over at Talk Wisdom knows exactly how I feel about the guy as we’ve talked about him quite a few times.
      The above incident is only one of the reasons I can’t stand him but there are plenty of others.
      I’m convinced beyond a doubt that his oars are not hitting the water.

      • I never thought he had all his oars in the water. He was on CNN before he went to Fox and I watched him a couple times. He spoke a mile a minute, like a rabid talking bat, but he was interesting in a crazy sort of way. He was conservative. He toned down his speech pattern when he went to Fox.

        I haven’t liked him since the teddy bear incident but even before that he seemed so mercenary. He charges for everything though he himself used to take everyone else’s articles.

        I’ve seen him go after people in an unreasonable way. He can be vicious. On his radio show, he was asking people dumb questions and when they didn’t know the answer, he made fun of them. He did do a service exposing the communists and socialists however. I’ll give him that.

  2. What?the worse thing about re-construction is that it did not go far enough. The 3% at the top should have been expropriated and shipped west, leaving the South without the old aristocracy that brought Jim Crow into action under Grover Cleveland.

  3. Once a person accepts Christ, he or she becomes a new spiritual species and race is no longer an issue. Under our constitution as written, a person is free to succeed or fail based on their own initiative/talents/abilities. Guilt is also a sin and to project guilt onto others is a form of arrogance.

  4. Glenn Beck is a brilliant mentally-ill soul. He has more anomalies than a Rubick’s Cube. He surrounds himself with sycophants, albeit, bright sycophants, then heads down a path of self-destruction.

    His motivation? Makes little difference. He ends up in the ditch, clambers out from underneath the car, and emerges with a new persona. One day, he won’t be capable of clambering. That’s the way life works.

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