Gloria Pall, “Voluptua,” Dies in LA, RIP

Gloria Pall, dead at 85
Gloria Pall, dead at 85

Gloria Pallatz, renamed Gloria Pall, was born July 15, 1927. She grew up in poverty. At age 15, during WWII, she was an aircraft mechanic and an office worker.

She was working on the 56th floor of the Empire State Building, when an Army B-25 bomber, flown by Lt. Col. William Smith, crashed into the building.

She began her career as Miss Flatbush in 1947, which earned her modeling contracts. She also worked as a showgirl.

She was cast in the role of a hostess for romantic-themed movies on TV in 1954. She lasted seven weeks until religious groups and PTA’s had her thrown off the air.

By today’s standards, her routine was extremely tame. Pall would slink across the screen wearing an evening gown, dragging a fur coat. Before the movie, she would give a breathy “Welcome to my boudoir, I want you to feel that it’s your special hideaway. Relax, take off your shoes, loosen your tie.

At intermissions, she would caress a bearskin rug, change clothes behind a screen, and answered the phone sighing “Voluptua…Voluptua.”

In those days, everything on TV was censored to protect young viewers. Voluptua was simply too hot to handle in 1954. She was a little ahead of her time. She made 25 movies in all.

In her thirties, modeling contracts became scarce and she switched careers, becoming a real estate agent. She married, had a son, and later divorced.

When asked what she would say now to people who had her kicked off the air in the mid-50’s, she laughed and said, “Get a life.”

It was Gloria Pall’s legs that framed Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock.
Gloria Pall


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