Great News for Democrats! They Actually Won!


Great news for Democrats – they won!

Radio host Mark Thompson, in an appearance on the Joy Ann Reid show, said Democrats “didn’t lose”, they had a “successful failure”, the economy is “doing well”, and the voters are on their side.

“We really didn’t lose. This was sort of a successful failure. So much for the low turn — Jim just said, it’s 1% off. She is close to Barack Obama’s 2012 total. And nobody thought that was going to happen, either. So so much for, as you mentioned, the economic anxiety, things are not as bad, people upset about the economy. The economy is doing well nine years of private sector job growth, unemployment rate going down. So I think we have voters on our side, whether we voted third party or not.”


  1. How uninformed are everyone, including many news outlets. Ok, so since when do they report the truth? Facts be damned! The reason Hillary LOST is because 10 MILLION LESS DEMOCRATS came out to vote! Why doesn’t anyone say that?

  2. that’s not why she lost….she lost because people finally realized just how corrupt she actually is. the people went with an anti-establishment candidate, tired of all the stonewalling in Washington. there should be no such thing as a career politician.

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