Harry Reid Pushes “Trojan Horse Amendment” to Immigration Bill


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Correction: 19:00: The amendment is now the bill. Interwoven is one rule that allows people who overstay their visas in the future to be given the right to legalization and citizenship. Forty percent of illegals are visa overstays. The bill is now online. [Heritage]


Reid is rushing the immigration bill and wants it passed by July 4, before the public understands how bad the bill is. Monday is the date set by Reid for a Senate vote on the Hoeven-Corker amendment which has wide bipartisan support. The amendment is now the bill.

The Senate will pass yet another bill that has not been read. They have learned nothing from the disastrous Obamacare bill.

The amendment is intended to give cover to Republicans whose base are opposed to giving amnesty to people who came here illegally.

The amendment doubles the number of border agents and provides for high-tech equipment to be used along the border. The bill still legalizes at least 11 million immigrants and millions more of their family members. It is unknown how many people that will be or how much it will cost.

When the immigration bill moves to the House, it will meet with some resistance. Boehner said he will only bring the bill to a vote if the majority of his membership support it.

Reid proclaimed that the Hoeven-Corker amendment will give people confidence about border security. He said, it “would put to rest any remaining critical concerns about border security,”

That is a blatantly false statement. We have the money and the mandate to build a fence now and haven’t. We have handicapped our law enforcement whenever possible. Our government refuses to secure the federal wilderness land that is currently home to drug cartels despite being US territory. This amendment gives the promise of militarizing the border, something which will never happen. They could secure the border and put e-verify through now but they don’t and they won’t.

Obama has given amnesty to countless thousands via memos. He will do more of that once the millions are “legalized.”

This bill has been sold as a bill to eliminate illegal immigration but the CBO has said illegal immigration will continue at a rate of 75% of the current rate. The bill will result in higher unemployment and lower wages.

Many who are coming across our borders are members of drug cartels and some are terrorists. It’s not just the border we have to worry about. As one example, we have 15,000 mid-East youth who came here on student visas and we don’t know where they are. The administration could track them down now and they don’t.

Last evening, O’Reilly came off from a conversation with Marco Rubio and said he supports the immigration bill. The right is caving quickly and it will be to their own demise. The illegal immigrants are natural left-wing, entitlement voters. The United States is about to look a whole lot different and it won’t take long.

The immigration bill will make Obama look good at a time when he desperately needs to distract us. Marco Rubio has joined the ruling class. The New York Times has said that this is a White House operation and Republicans like Rubio are doing the bidding of Barack Obama. [NY Times]

If you haven’t seen the interview with former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey who read the bill in depth, it will be enlightening. One of the most offensive parts of the bill is the section that provides for community organizers and unions to sign up “New Americans” as Democrats.


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