Hillary Builds More Lies Around Her Latest Debate Lie


Hillary 3

This is unbelievable and yet it’s true. Hillary Clinton was caught in a blatant lie during the debate last Saturday when she said Donald Trump was being used by ISIS in their jihadi recruitment videos. It’s not true. No one can find proof including her people. Despite that, she’s continuing the lie and building more lies around it.

The US leaders who do appear in ISIS videos are former and current administrations, including her husband who jihadis call, The Fornicator.

Hillary appears to prefer lies about videos.

Yet, even though she was caught in a lie and walked it back a bit into a more generic statement, she is still lying and repeating it at her town halls. People actually sit and listen to her lie and do so in rapt attention. They give the word “sheeple” a whole new meaning.

Listen to what she is saying now – a complete fabrication.

The only one who is shameful is Hillary.

A new leftist CNN/ORC poll has her at 50% support from the Democratic electorate. They have no shame. She has no shame. Of course, in fairness to them, the alternative is a failed governor or a communist who parades around pretending he’s a socialist.



This is what she said during the debate.

Listen to what Hugh Hewitt told Chris Cuomo.


  1. After years of her enabling her “Fornicator” hubby, and trashing those women he’d abused, Hill is now on a campaign to enable jihadists, and trash the guy willing to unapologetically fight them.
    She’s been on the wrong side of almost every personal and national issue her entire life. It’s a stunning record of remarkably poor judgement that would disqualify her from being a discerning couple’s nanny….let alone President of the United States.

  2. Sa the last lies she told about a video were the ones from Benghazi. But she tells so many lies its easier to disregard anything she says then try and remember all her lies. This troll is truly the soul mate of Bubba.

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