Hillary Wants to Win Election on the Backs of Gun Owners



Hillary Clinton raged in Virginia Saturday about legitimate gun manufacturers and sellers who follow the law. She wants them held responsible for gun crimes. She wants them to be sued and held accountable for crimes committed by violent criminals using guns. It goes along with the far-left Democratic view that it is the gun that primarily commits the crime, not the violent offender.

It also goes along with the Democratic movement to require gun holders to carry insurance as if they are culpable and must pay for any misuse of their gun, no matter how unavoidable and accidental.

Whether it is their intention or not, the end result of these policies is the final destruction of the Second Amendment. Most will not be able to afford a gun and if gun holders, manufacturers and sellers are liable for lawsuits, the only ones who will make out will be the lawyers.

She tied it into the NRA, making them into a larger-than-life, all-powerful power broker.

Some will say gun activists and the NRA are over-reactive, even hysterical about any and all gun control, but if we are not vigilant, we will lose our right to own a gun. There is no doubt that this is where we are headed, no matter what they say.

“The NRA basically represents manufactures and the sellers. In one of the most outrageous votes that I ever had to take when I was in the Senate was an NRA bill to give immunity to gun manufacturers and sellers for just about everything. It was unique. No other industry in America has anything like it. And it’s basically an NRA gift to gun manufacturers and gun sellers. It’s wrong and we have to stand against it. We have to fight to repeal it. Everybody in this country should be responsible and accountable for their actions and that includes manufacturers, gun sellers, and the NRA.”

Watch the beginning of the end if she is elected:

When Hillary was asked by Anderson Cooper during the debate who her biggest enemies are, she said the NRA and Republicans topped her list. She has declared war on half the country and she wants us to vote for her, another divider who compares the GOP to Iranians.

“Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians; probably the Republicans.”


  1. “A well regulated militia” (that’s us,the citizens of these United States)
    “Being necessary to the security of a free state”.. There’s a reason for this,an oath of our armed forces, LEO, and Federal officers.. All enemies,foreign AND domestic(that includes our own government,if need be)
    “The right of the people to keep and bear ARMS”…
    Arms being the operative words here.
    Weapons.. be it a knife,sword, musket, handgun, or semi auto (note:NOT assault.. lets call it what it is)
    Shall not be infringed-act so as to limit or undermine
    We lose this one,we lose them all.
    Its not about hunting, its about self defense (life and property),defense of the homeland..
    And ,if the 2nd is revoked.. Then,by constitutional law(or lack thereof) all LEO’s,soldiers,criminals, and security must also be disarmed.
    that aint gonna happen, and those will be the only persons to be armed
    Think hard of the ramifications before you want this

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