Hillary’s Perfectly Awful Platform



Victor Davis Hanson published an article Tuesday about Hillary Clinton’s “Empire of Dirt.” In it, he asked, “…what have they [the Clintons] become? What is left but their front foundation, their Soros-funded surrogates, and their lock-step loyalists — in other words, their ’empire of dirt’?”

He reviewed her populist rhetoric and wrote, “The rub instead is that almost every issue that Ms. Clinton has raised and every position of advocacy that she now embraces are direct refutations of either her present or her past behavior — and sometimes both. Surely she is aware of that?”

There is no doubt she is aware but she has always been rewarded for her dishonesty. Her followers want to believe in her so they do.

Hillary’s economic objectives are particularly concerning, not that her foreign policy isn’t.

She rails against hedge fund managers but her son-in-law is a hedge fund manager. Her constant pounding against “dirty” money in campaigns in laughable since she’s mired in it.

Hillary Clinton has promised to send  “some employers…to jail for wage theft and all the other abuses they engage in.”  She is no friend to business though she straddles the fence as much as possible.

Five years ago, she supported Keystone XL but she licked her finger, held it to the wind and determined the Keystone pipeline has to go. It will go…to China.

Out of the clear blue, she came up with this today. No doubt it was the result of campaign polling.


Here she is in 2010:

It’s impossible to believe a thing she says and she will likely become our next president. It’s a terrible thought but who is going to beat her and her teflon celebrity? The FBI isn’t investigating her erased emails, only whether she was hacked. The preordained conclusion is she wasn’t though we all know she probably was.

She is a dedicated Alinsky-ite. Alinsky was a Marxist who used social activism to destroy private and government institutions to bring about his new Socialist paradise. He destroyed institutions and the people who helped him got the favors they wanted which brought him more followers and more power.

Alinsky simply saw Capitalism as an enterprise meant to leech off the downtrodden workers. Hillary is a more pragmatic and more ambitious Saul Alinksy.

She won’t call herself a Socialist or a Marxist but there is hardly much difference. She is a hardcore big government president-to-be.

Her policies are more Obama with taxing, spending and endless freebies.

There is little chance that she will do anything differently than in her past. Her crony capitalism is mired in trading favors for donations to her foundation.

She ran a shakedown operation. Hillary would grant a favor and then the firm would make a donation and hire Bill for one incredibly pricey speech.

As Hillary so famously said, she was poor when Bill left office. They quickly overcame it with Bill’s huge speaking fees (and Hillary’s after she left the State Department). The fees often followed some favor that Hillary granted, first as Senator, then as Secretary of State. Their benevolent Foundation mixed business and charity funds and drove their worth from the minus column to tens of millions today.

Hillary could be our Eva Peron if unleashed. She’s destructive. Like any Marxist, she believes for one to gain economically, someone has to lose. She’s not exactly Bernie Sanders but as Sanders picks up supporters, she morphs into Bernie.

Sprouting the old progressive ideals as if they were new ideas, she is promoting infrastructure which under Obama has become a payoff to unions. We still have crumbling roads and bridges.

Investments are integral to her program. When Democrats first started calling tax and spend by the euphemistic “investments”, it seemed like a joke but unfortunately, people are buying it. Her investments will mean more government control, more Common Core, more regulations, and more presidential dictums.

The $15 minimum wage, another payoff to unions, appeals to her. She thinks that somehow $15 an hour will become a livable wage.

Free college is also on her agenda. Where the money will come from, no one knows.

All manner of immigration and unvetted refugee infusions are fine with her. In fact, she will insist on more amnesty. In May, she said she wants Congress to pass a broad immigration bill that would grant most illegal immigrants “a path to full and equal citizenship,” but said if Capitol Hill continues to stalemate, she would use presidential powers to the extent of the law. She doesn’t talk about closing the border.

Obamacare hasn’t gone far enough in her mind and she’s promised more of it. It won’t be repealed and replaced, not “on my watch,” she said. Hillarycare was a universal healthcare plan.

Shoring up union pensions with tax dollars is on her plate.

Free day care and mandatory pre-school at taxpayer expense is another promise she has made. There won’t be an end to her gifts through redistribution. Increasing Social Security benefits is a prime goal even though the system is going bankrupt.

She wants more big government. It’s her answer to everything. There is no plan to pay for all of it. Her huge entitlement mentality will grow the welfare state and instead of helping people become independent, she will relegate them to a life of dependency and poverty. She will also create more poor people.

Sometimes she will pretend she supports small business but there is nothing in her history to substantiate that.

Demonizing Wall Street, the foundation of Capitalism, is not just a populist lure for her. Her fierce defense of Dodd-Frank is a dead giveaway. Dodd-Frank has caused the larger, crony banks to grow and small banks to disappear. The too big to fail is now much bigger and can still fail.

Wasted funds on extreme green energy will know no bounds, will hurt fossil fuels and will create more non-existent jobs.

Hillary believes in managing the economy with cronyism and big government bureaucracy. That’s how she’s lived her life and career.

Her moral compass points south.

As senator in 2003, she defended the gruesome partial-birth abortions.

Go to about 04:55:

She indicated she believed in abortion at any point in a woman’s pregnancy on Sunday on CBS Face the Nation.

She said she would “hate to see the government interfering” with late-term abortions,” and claimed, “I think the kind of late-term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity.”

“This gets back to whether you respect a woman’s right to choose or not,” she continued. “And I think that’s what this whole argument, once again, is about.”

She is talking about aborting babies that can survive and that are thinking, fully developed beings.

Studies don’t back her contention about the reasons women abort in the third trimester. The reasons women abort are the same in the third trimester as they are in the first.

Medical necessity excuses have been as trivial as “panic attacks.”

Her platform is devoid of moral compunctions and would put her in charge of an all powerful government with businesses toadying up to the government. Abortion will be pushed to a new milestone. Her foreign policy decisions have been naive at best and destructive at worst. She led the movement to destroy Libya and tried to orchestrate the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt.

Standing up for women who have been sexually abused is surely a joke given her husband’s abuse of women and her own vicious attacks on the women who accused him.

Her lying about pretty much everything is legion.

It’s hard to believe she is even allowed to run for president, especially since she is under FBI investigation and has lived a life of scandal, but even harder to accept is she will most likely be the president.

If she does win, liberty loving Americans might want to retire to the woods with their bibles and their guns.

I leave you with this interview. She couldn’t answer a single question, especially the one listing her accomplishments.