ISIS Is Setting Up Bases 300 Miles From Europe in Libya


We now know that ISIS is setting up bases in Libya. Director Clapper wants to send spy planes but apparently we can’t bomb them. It would be better to bomb or drone them now before it is too late but it won’t happen under this administration.


Libya is an Obama failure. It was his war of should I say kinetic military action.

After the U.S.-backed government in Libya took over, they asked for training for their police and military, but the U.S. denied them that assistance. After we bombed Libya, we left.

One of our allies in the war against Gaddafi, Abdelhakim Belhaj, is now an Ansar al-Sharia leader. Ansar al-Sharia is working with ISIS.

Belhaj had obvious jihadist goals that were well known both before and immediately after the war but the U.S. and allies hinged their hopes on him and others like him.

Ambassador Stevens was the official U.S. liaison to the al Qaeda-linked Libyans and he worked directly with Belhaj. It was some of Belhaj’s fighters who took part in the 9/11 terror attack on the consulate in which Ambassador Stevens died.

The Telegraph reported that Belhaj, who became the acting head of the Tripoli Military Council, met with the “Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul to arrange for the transfer of money and weapons to the al Qaeda rebels in Syria.”

Back in 2004, Belhaj was kidnapped and arrested in an alleged joint operation between Gaddafi and MI6.

At the time, Belhaj was a key leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) attempting to overthrow Gaddafi.

Less than a year later, the Guardian reported that “While these senior-ranking members have always jealously guarded the independence of the LIFG, providing it with a clear command structure and set goals, the group is now coming under pressure from outside influences,” the assessment said. “In particular, reporting indicates that members including Abu Laith al-Libi and Abdallah al-Ghaffar may be pushing the group towards a more pan-Islamic agenda inspired by AQ [al-Qaida].”

Two years later, the LIFG formally united with al Qaeda and orchestrated deadly attacks across Afghanistan.

This information was contained in the secret documents which were unearthed by U.S. forces who invaded the bin Laden compound.

Belhaj is currently suing the U.K. government over his kidnapping.

Belhaj was the “moderate” on whom the U.K. and U.S. hinged their hopes for a future democratic Libya yet he was always an al Qaeda asset.

Libya is a safe haven for terrorists because it’s a failed state. It could also be a launching pad for ISIS jihad in Europe.

Earlier this month, the Quilliam Foundation translated an ISIS document they uncovered which revealed ISIS plans to use Libya as a gateway to Europe. The plan is to invade Southern Europe masked as refugees.

Libya refugess

Egyptians fleeing Libyan violence.

The document is entitled, “Libya: The Strategic Gateway for the Islamic State”, on why jihadists needed to urgently flock to Libya to assist supporters of the so-called caliphate in their jihad. 

The writer of the document pointed out that Libya is only 300 miles from some parts of Europe.

The document states that Libya is awash with Gaddafi’s arsenal of weapons and has “immense potential.”

The author also wrote that “It has a long coast and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease.”

It is not only Europe that is in danger. The author also speaks of the “strategic geographic” location of Libya, the fact that it “looks upon the sea, the desert, mountains, and six states: Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia”.

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