Justice’s Gay Cousin Attends SCOTUS Hearings on Gay Marriage

Jean Podrasky
Jean Podrasky

Two California laws concerning gay marriage are being heard before SCOTUS this week: Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Justice Roberts, who seemed to cave to pressure from the Obama administration on Obamacare, might be influenced by family on these two decisions.

“He is a smart man. He is a good man. I believe he sees where the tide is going. I do trust him. I absolutely trust that he will go in a good direction,” said Jean Podrasky, Justice Robert’s gay cousin. She is attending the hearings each day as a family member. [france 24]

Ms. Podrasky said she hopes to get married to her partner.

One of the arguments being raised concerns the 40,000 children being raised by gay parents in California. Unions are the only alternative at this point. Justice Kennedy seemed interested in that argument and believes it to be an important issue.

If the SCOTUS finds that gay marriage is a civil right, how will this affect religions who believe marriage is between a man and a woman? Will they be in violation of the civil rights of gay people by not marrying them?

Once it is a civil right, marriage must be opened up beyond gay couples to polygamists for instance.

Prior to these cases, the civil rights issue was reserved for blacks.

Another consequence, should the SCOTUS fail to act or if they act on behalf of gay marriage, is that the rights of states to vote for or against these issues will be over. Currently, it is left to the states to decide and seven states now allow gay marriage.

Personally I prefer the decision be left to the states. This is a republic and the states should decide not nine people in a court. Marriage has always been defined as between a man and a woman, if the SCOTUS decides, it will be irrevocably changed.

Meanwhile in France, thousands have been protesting against gay marriage, largely driven by Muslims and some Christians:

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