Killing Born Alive Infants Is Okay with Planned Parenthood – Update


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Update at end of article

A Planned Parenthood lobbyist suggested recently that “aborting” newborns born-alive is up to the doctor, the woman and the family. Check out the Washington Times article linked here. That viewpoint shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is the view of our president.

President Obama supported infanticide while serving in the Illinois state senate. He voted against the Born Alive Protection Act which mandates care for aborted babies who are born alive. He lied about how he voted.

Obama claimed he would have voted for Illinois’ version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) if it had language that protected abortion rights guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. Newly-found “records from the Illinois Senate archives show Obama did vote against a BAIPA bill that included such a neutrality clause…” [townhall]

In this video, he refers to a live baby as a fetus:

video via Jill Stanek

President Obama’s view is typical of the left. Now the left is beginning to come out in the open with that view.

Check out this excerpt from an article in the Washington Times:

A lobbyist for Planned Parenthood told Florida lawmakers this week that what doctors do with babies who were supposed to be aborted but were instead born alive is the doctors’ business — suggesting killing was okay.

That’s entirely up to the doctor, the woman and the family, said Alisa Laport Snow, the lobbyist for Florida’s Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, during a committee hearing in Florida, the Weekly Standard reports.

via John McCormack

There are many organizations growing up around this amoral approach to life and sex but none are more visible and more profitable than Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health recently received a $20 million grant to fund teen pregnancy prevention programs in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Planned Parenthood is very pro-abortion but they are also into “education” to supposedly avoid teen pregnancy.

The goal of this newly-funded program – according to Planned Parenthood of the Northwest – is “to develop the positive potential of teens by reducing unintended teen pregnancy and increasing school success.”

Their path to that goal is completely secular.

The Catholic News Agency posted some of Planned Parenthood ads aimed at  youth and which encourage recreational sex. Planned Parenthood had them removed from youtube. If the ads are something they believe in, why didn’t they leave them up?

One “Mile High” ad shows a homosexual flight attendant showering young passengers with contraceptives. The ad ends with the cabin lights dimming, party music blaring and the gay flight attendant sitting on the pilot’s lap, saying, “On behalf of Planned Parenthood airlines you are now free to make sweet, sweet love.”

When there is no regard for morality, there are no limits, no boundaries…

What Planned Parenthood is really teaching:

Update 3/30

[CNS News] HHS has given more than $2.3 million in grants to be spread out over five years to Planned Parenthood Greater Orlando.

On the website, Teens Rise! ABC’s, Planned Parenthood frivolously refers to the two ways to prevent pregnancy, referring to sex as play.

“Continuous abstinence is not having sex play with a partner at all. Celibacy abstinence is when you have previously had sex, but have now decided to wait for that special person or event. Continuous abstinence is the only one that’s 100 percent effective!” the web site states and provides a link to the “ABC’s” page where graphic descriptions of sexual acts and condom and other contraceptive uses are posted.

It then goes immediately into various forms of birth control.

Some of the condom facts they tell teens they need to know:

– Make sure the penis is erect.

– Place the condom on the head of the penis.

– Have vaginal, oral, or anal sex.

– Keep the condom on the penis until you are finished having sex, whether ejaculation occurs or not.

– Hold onto the rim of the condom at the base of the penis and withdraw the penis.

– Carefully take the condom off the penis.

– Use a new condom if you want to have sex again.

And my personal favorite –

– Not just for males anymore!