Leftist Markey Will Not Let Pruitt Bring EPA to Its Knees


The left-wing Senator, Ed Markey, the Ranking Member of the Natural Resources Committee, vows he will not let the all-powerful EPA be brought to its knees.

That’s the only place the GOP wants to see it. Democrats – now the Democrat Socialist Party – used agencies to legislate and rule over Americans. The unelected bureaucrats in agencies, particularly the EPA, write ‘rules’ which are laws to suffocate business and destroy property rights in the name of the Mississippi Gopher frog or some allegedly endangered chicken.

“He is just plain wrong on the science of this issue,” Markey said. “The more that the American people learn about his views is to higher the profile of these issues are going to become. And I think as a result, endanger his confirmation. We’re not talking about the water and the air that goes into the lungs and into the bodies of the children of the United States. This man does not believe there is a danger. Then this is going to be a confirmation hearing that has razor blade sharp edges. We will not allow this man to bring the EPA to its knees.”


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