Leftist State Senator Moves to Cleanse the Names of Washington State Landmarks

Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal, an Indian-American, who as a fairly new Washington State Senator from Seattle endorsed socialist Kshama Sawant for the Seattle city council, is a progressive who never saw a left-wing cause she didn’t love.

She led a massive 2003 antiwar march of 70,000 people and is the founder of the Hate Free Zone. When she organized the anti-war march, she insisted that the Not in Our Name (NION) people be included in the initial core organizers of the march. That opened the door for the inclusion of Act Now to Stop War and Racism (ANSWER) – a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Jayapal is a big supporter of the minimum wage being raised, massive illegal and legal immigration and big unions.

She is strongly supported by the leftist union, SEIU. Raised in Indonesia and Singapore, she became a citizen in 2000.

She is currently on a mission to change non-PC names of landmarks in Seattle.

Jayapal has joined up with the state’s Department of Natural Resources to describe and cleanse the state of the ethnically and racially offensively-named landmarks. She helped persuade the government to change the name of Coon Lake in Chelan County to Howard Lake last year in honor of an African-American prospector and then went looking for other offensive names.

She has begun the process to change all the offensive names, names which no longer hold those meanings. What’s next if we use this principle as a guideline?

The former Coon Lake
The former Coon Lake

Anything with “coon,” “squaw,” “Chinaman’s hat” or “Jim Crow” will be erased.

all these geographic names are gone

The Constitution of India has hate speech laws as does Singapore and Indonesia has sharia law — that is her origin.

Maybe she should get rid of the statue of Lenin in Seattle while she’s at it.

statue of Lenin


  1. “She led a massive 2003 antiwar march of 70,000 people and is the founder of the Hate Free Zone.”

    Did she ban Democrats from the zone since the left is the ones full of hate in the country.

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