Liberal Electoral College Members Try to Steal the Election with a Video


Some left-wing electors are setting themselves up as little gods by refusing to vote for Donald Trump and telling others not to, though that is what the people in their region want them to do. They call themselves the ‘Hamilton Electors’. The left, who have little use for the Constitution,and the Founding Fathers in general use it when it suits their needs.

Bret Chiafalo, a leftist from Washington State, narrates the video and calls for electors to swing their votes for Hillary Clinton to save the country.

In the video, they tell the electors that Trump is not qualified and they suggest he is under the influence of foreign powers. They conclude by saying only 37 electors can save this country.

These leftists want to thwart the will of the people because they do not support Donald Trump.Their intolerance of the will of the people is a good representation of the totalitarian views they hold.

What they don’t seem to understand is there would be a revolution in this country if they succeed.

He has also been out campaigning for this and tweeting.


  1. Wait isn’t Hillary receiving big money from the Saudis and other middle eastern countries. So who is being bought. Get your facts right. My God folks open your eyes

  2. Ross Perot was a businessman, and was on the way to becoming POTUS, but someone got to him, simply because he ran on the platform of running the government like a business…Proposal, counter proposal, negotiation, results. Now, another businessman has achieved the status of President Elect, and you fear he will make “business decisions”, that may not sit well with your idea of “communal political correctness”…Like not apologizing to the world, giving in to “refugees” without doing what the law calls for, and “vetting” “immigrants”, and generally refusing to allow “unicorn and rainbow” attitudes to drag this country into the delusion of thinking everybody will be allowed to be/ do as they want, with no consequence…

  3. So if Donald Trump doesn’t get 270 electoral votes, the election goes to the House of Representatives and then they elect Donald Trump


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