Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, is alive and well, except at a local gun show on Long Island.

This past weekend I personally attended and witnessed events that left me wondering where the heck am I living.

It started out quite interesting to say the least. Upon my arrival I saw the entrance and grounds littered with campaign signs supporting Congressman Tim Bishop. The Congressman received an “F” (for failure) by the Gun Owners of America, a well respected gun lobbying group fighting in Washington to protect our right to bear arms. See here…GOA

I felt more uplifted when I found Randy Altschuler, Bishop’s current opponent, inside the show meeting and greeting the early goers. Altschuler was warmly greeted by many of the attendees, who understand the threat to one of our most fundamental rights.

As gun show groupies do, I hung around most of the day. Taking a break, sitting enjoying some java. I witnessed the swift removal of ALL of Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler, and State Senator Lee Zeldin, signs and palm cards from one of the vendor tables as soon as it was left unattended for a few minutes.

Cowards to say the least! What happened to freedom of speech? Are we not able to support candidates of our choice at a public event?

The union hall was rented, but it seems, with caveats. Of course, I questioned the vendor upon her return.

It seems the union leader, Mike O’Grady, was NOT allowing any views that opposed his or his members. I found that quite interesting, especially after conversation with some union member attendees, who under no certain terms, were supporting O’Grady’s position and were apologizing for his arrogance and ignorance.

If that wasn‘t enough, at another point in the afternoon, someone starting screaming over the PA system to move a vehicle that was parked outside the door. They were clearly unhinged and frightened some of the smaller children in their rant.

The vehicle was a pickup with an Obama scene in the back of the bed. “Spending your tax dollars” was the quote on the back. It was loudly applauded by the attendees. Many rushed to take pictures and have conversation with the owner of the vehicle. The union thugs were not having it. They banished the driver out of the parking lot. The driver had to move his vehicle across the street.

News flash union members, when you rent out your space, you DO NOT have the right to silence any attendees. This is not Nazi Germany, not yet!

But the most interesting is the union member support of a candidate, Tim Bishop, who has given Suffolk County a great record. Per the Dept. of Labor statistics, and I quote, “Long Island’s private sector job count declined by 7,600 between July and August (not seasonally adjusted), more than three times the 10-year average loss of 2,500 jobs” See here…Labor Stats

I found evidence of the electrical workers whole-hearted support of Congressman Bishop leaving me suspicious. Project Vote Smart has his rating at 100% for only two of the business sectors–electrical workers and government contractors. See here…Vote Smart

What makes these two sectors rabidly support him?  The old adage applies…”follow the money.”  Quite cozy, Bishop kicked off this year’s campaign at, where else, the IBEW union hall, check out PJSTA

Given the events of the day, I understand why the Congressman gets a 0% rating for the Alliance of Worker Freedom positions when he has union thugs to enforce his position. Maybe the IBEW union members and Mike O’Grady should revisit that one fundamental right as Americans – freedom!