Marxism or Freedom, Obama or Romney, Which Will It Be

Ba Bye

I believe the people of the United States of America still love freedom and tomorrow will mark the beginning of President Romney’s first term. Our Marxist president can then go retire and grow wealthier on his speaking engagements.

Since Obama was blaming Bush again yesterday and today, even though he has been president for four years, I assume that if he loses, he will devote his every waking moment to attacking Romney. Harry Reid will refuse to work with a single Republican – now, that’s a jerk.

Despite that, I do believe a President Romney will work with both sides as he did in Massachusetts. He said today that he would not waste time blaming his predecessor and I believe him.

We need something different and we need someone who will work on both sides of the aisle. Romney and Ryan can and will do just that.

President Obama is a Marxist. He wants to spread the wealth and demonize the rich. A second term would be the end of America as we know it.