Mother of Murdered Navy SEAL Would Like Some Answers

Tyrone Snowden Woods

The mother of Tyrone Woods, one of the Navy SEALs murdered in Benghazi, would like some answers.

Tyrone Woods, one of the courageous men murdered in Benghazi, became a SEAL at the suggestion of his mother. He was retired from the Navy and working as a personal service agent at the time of his death.

Instead of answers, we are getting a coverup.

Why is it that a CNN reporter got to the consulate and secured Ambassador Steven’s diary but the FBI can’t even get into Benghazi? Is it because of our weak presentation?

Maybe we should send CNN reporters in with forensics so they can secure what’s left of the scene.

Ms. Bennett’s Facebook post:

Cheryl Croft Bennett

Thursday at 2:54pm near Oregon City, OR ·

  • Don’t want to ever politicize the loss of my son in Libya, but it has been 16 days and the FBI has yet to get to Benghazi to begin their investigation. Apparently they have made it to Tripoli but haven’t been allowed to enter Benghazi. Meanwhile, the diplomatic outpost where Tyrone and Glen died, was not and is not secured. Absolutely unacceptable.