N. Korea Declares War on S. Korea

Kim Jong Un threatens to bomb US
Kim Jong Un pictured here drawing up plans to bomb the United States

N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un officially declared war on S. Korea on Friday, March 29th. They also threatened to attack the United States.

North Korea is ratcheting up their warmongering rhetoric, but they don’t yet have the capability to follow through. It is also nothing new. They have been doing this for years. [ kdvr.com]

N. Korea has attacked S. Korea twice since 2010. One involved an exchange of artillery fire and another resulted in the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel which left 46 S. Koreans dead. [Wiki]

North Korea usually threatens the United States and South Korea in order to extort money from the United States. We have been handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to Egypt, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, and they probably want a handout too.