New Haven Mayor Toni Harp Wants to Use Her Pen and Phone to Tax Soda



Toni Harp

It sounds unconstitutional for a mayor to selectively decide to tax soda under the false pretense of battling obesity, but that is what the mayor of New Haven Connecticut, Toni Harp, is proposing.

When will people say, “Enough?”

Harp says the government should levy a 2% tax on sugary drinks to reduce sales and generate $144 million in revenue.

It’s simply another excuse to tax people without representation. The revenue would allegedly go to fight obesity but we know that isn’t going to happen. It will be another politicians’ piggy bank to be used to buy votes from favored constituencies.

I don’t drink sugary sodas but I know that if we allow these politicians to tax things like this, it is only a matter to time before they tax something I like.

The tax would have to be statewide.

Soda is already subject to a sales tax.

These leftists will have people on a diet of water and bird pellets soon. It’s not the government’s job to tax people onto a diet they approve of.

Chris Gindlesperger, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association, says consumers do not support soda taxes or regulations restricting grocery purchases. He says education, rather than laws and regulations, can help fight obesity.

Gindlesperger said companies put calorie counts on labels and offer low- and no-calorie choices.

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