New York City Allows Unemployed to Sue for Being Unemployed


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The New York City Council, under mayoral-hopeful Christine Quinn, “voted Wednesday to prohibit employers from using a person’s employment status in a hiring decision without a “substantially job-related” reason for doing so. Employers also will be prevented from posting help-wanted ads that require applicants to be currently employed,” according to Businessweek.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said, “This bill will stop unfair hiring practices that are hurting New Yorkers who are trying to get back on their feet.”

The council believes it is discrimination to not hire the unemployed. If an unemployed person is interviewed and feels like she or he was unfairly discriminated against for being unemployed, that person can sue.

Why would anyone ever interview an unemployed person in New York City ever again?

New York City is the first to allow applicants who “think” they were discriminated to sue in court. This could be the best lawyer stimulus yet.

Mayor Bloomberg said he will veto the bill but Christine Quinn said the council will override the veto.

It might be time for businesses to look towards moving out of New York City.

When the Occupy Wall Street were in their prime, they demanded that everyone in the country receive a salary even if they don’t work. This can’t be far behind.