Newsday Misleading Us About James Murdoch


Here is an example of how Newsday lies, especially about conservatives allegedly lying

In an article Saturday, July 23rd, the headline read “Murdoch son lied, execs say.” The next line says that former news execs believe he misled lawmakers about what he knew. The word is “misled” not lied. The Murdoch son told a parliamentary committee this week that he was not aware of evidence that eavesdropping went beyond one jailed reporter.

Two staffers say they told him years ago about an email that suggested wrongdoing at the paper was far more widespread. Are they kidding???

Years ago, an email, suggested, might have been far more widespread…

That’s their evidence and that’s cause for the headline? Nothing was mentioned about the 31 other papers where the same acts occurred.

Newsday pretends to report the news, but they only report news from the left perspective.

And, forgetting Newsday for a moment, George Soros is using his many organizations to launch an attack against Fox News using the UK scandal.  Read  about it here: Klein online