Obama & the Flawed Constitution’s FORWARD Movement


Obama’s speech at Barnard was not only flawed when he cursed while picking up his medal, it was flawed throughout. The next segment is my favorite.

He said the constitution is flawed and this nation has strived to protect its flaws…questions of race and gender went unresolved.

That’s is from our President who was sworn to uphold it. His goal is actually to rip it down. The “flaws” he speaks of have already been resolved with “amendments.”

He’d prefer the Constitution “live” so that he can constantly redefine it to meet his Progressive (buzzword for Marxist) vision.

Obama talked about the dynamic constitution. To Obama, the Constitution is a moving target. It provided space because, in his mind, it’s “living.”

He got his digs in about moving the Constitution FORWARD so women could be included which works nicely with his war on women, especially at liberal Barnard.

How are women not included now?

He said it provides a FORWARD movement…we look FORWARD, not back..our Founders understood this. Really? They wanted us to move FORWARD to socialism?