Diaper Justice with Your Tax Dollars


Baby lying on floor surrounded by christmas lights

There is no limit to the entitlements this government will dole out using our tax money. Everything is a right with a social justice administration. The latest is a $10 million dollar pilot program to pay for diapers for low income people who are already eligible for all forms of welfare.

Is there any limit?

We have to buy people’s diapers now, will it be their sheets tomorrow or maybe their toiletries?

Obama calls it the “Diaper Divide” and he wants to close it with taxpayer money. He’s so generous.

“Diapers are really expensive,” Obama said Friday at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, while outlining a private effort aimed at getting diapers to low-income parents.

A White House blog, called “The Diaper Divide,” said nearly 1 in 3 American families struggle with affording enough disposable diapers for their babies. The blog, refers to “the diaper disparity,” and calls for diaper justice.

Obama is making it into a health issue and invented some health problems babies allegedly get from not having proper diapers.

Yeah, that’s bunk.

He says diapers are an essential and a right like food. He’s following the UN playbook – they think everything is a right also.

It’s called wealth redistribution.

Free Huggies for all! Another Get Out the Vote Effort.