Obama’s War on Coal May Be Won – November May Be Too Late


The Obama Administration/EPA has declared war on the coal industry. They have stepped up the assaults being leveled on three fronts, causing prices to skyrocket  –

  •  The first attack is on coal mining in Appalachia, Kentucky, and West Virginia…
  • The second wave of the assault is substantially delaying permits on Federal lands…
  • The third  is on the American consumers of coal and the power producers that operate coal-fired power plants…

Obama’s “Blueprint for an America Built to Last” plan to boost manufacturing jobs will fail as long as he continues his war on coal. Coal provides 45% of the electricity in this country. Electricity is cheap and dependable. His policies will make it cost prohibitive and make manufacturing in this country non-competitive.

His latest scheme to include “natural gas” in his speeches won’t work even if he were serious.

Obama is clueless when it comes to an energy program that is viable if his goal is truly to increase manufacturing jobs. He is doing everything possible to make sure we cannot afford cheap energy. Solar, wind and biofuels can’t cut it though he seems unaware of that fact.

TownhallThe compliance costs associated with the agency’s Cross State Air Pollution and Utility MACT rules are forcing coal-fired utilities to close and electricity prices to rise across the country.

Ohio-based utility First Energy, for example, recently announced it was going close six coal-fired power plants due to the costs associated with EPA regulations. The reduction in the supply of power is expected to almost double electricity prices.

An UBS stock analyst estimated the rates for power would rise to $200 per megawatt per day from $126. An analyst from a different firm predicted rates could go as high as $500.

American Electric Power (AEP), another Ohio-based utility with a heavy reliance on coal, was given permission from the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUC) to recover the costs of complying with the EPA’s rules, including transitioning its facilities from coal to natural gas. The plan also allows AEP to recover investments is solar power.

The price tag of the new compliance plan is estimated to be $6 to $8 billion. While the deal is good for AEP, the same can’t be said of the hardworking families and businesses that will be forced to pay for Obama’s energy policy.

With coal-fired utilities already on the regulatory ropes, the EPA is setting them up for a knockout punch…Read about the costs (thanks to the EPA) here.

Obama campaigned on bankrupting the coal industry which was backed up by Biden.

I don’t know where those electric cars are going to get their energy.

Nothing the coal industry does matters. There is no way the EPA will allow them to continue. The EPA has set impossible standards and keeps raising the bar as the coal industry attempts to meet them. The goal is to close them.

Coal has become Sisyphus who was condemned to push an immense bolder uphill only to watch it roll back down again and again.

Obama via the EPA just revoked the permit for an approved, working coal mine in West Virginia – the Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine No. 1.  They followed the rules, got the proper permits, showed they could do it, but none of that matters. It would have employed 215 miners.

The EPA used the infamous Clean Water Act, a nuclear weapon of the greens that seems to cover every eventuality.

The EPA is saying that the mine used “destructive and unsustainable mining practices that jeopardize the health of Appalachian communities and clean water on which they depend.” This was without any evidence since the mine is working according to code…Read more here: Investors

At least 32 coal-fired plants in 12 states, including W. Virginia and Ohio, will be closed to attempt to comply with the Obama/EPA air pollution regulations. Kammer Plant in Moundsville is on the list. First Energy will close three W. Virginia power plants this year and six in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland for the same reason.

The EPA wants utilities to replace 25% of their coal-fired generating capacity by 2014, which is not possible and will be very costly. Many plants simply won’t reopen.

It may be too late for coal and for us, even if we vote him out in November.

Obama’s fantasy pre-election includes the bankrupting of the coal industry and consequent skyrocketing of electricity while China and India pollute the world –