Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Lie: Al Qaeda Is on the Run


Osama is dead, al Qaeda is on the run and GM is alive, is Mr. Obama’s claim. He ran for office on it. That was never true except for Osama being dead. GM is cutting back on production in South Korea and Australia and they have sent much of their operation to China.

As for al Qaeda, it is on the run if one considers growing in strength and numbers in the mid-East and Africa the same as being ‘on the run.’

Obama on the world stage

Rep. Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, warning Americans that terrorism is ‘spreading like a spider web, like a wildfire…”

“I personally see it spreading like a spider web, like a wildfire through Northern Africa and the Middle East,” McCaul said. “As that threat increases overseas, so too does it increase in the homeland.”

He said that President Obama has created a ‘false narrative and premise’ by saying al-Qaida is on the run.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein said that the US is less safe than it was two years ago because of the spreading al Qaeda terrorism.

Libya is on the brink of serious internal war and Tripoli has been forewarned of impending attacks, according to The Washington Institute, a bipartisan think tank. The bloodiest riots among protesters and militias are the worst since the 2011 revolution.

Rebels from the 2011 revolution seized power of the country but without a military they had to stem violence by using militias, which was supposed to be an interim step until a strong national army was formed.

The State is extremely weak with the national army lacking effectiveness and many not showing up to work, even though they are paid.  The army is comprised of disparate groups and members cut across regional, tribal, and ideological lines. It is top-heavy with Qadhafi Colonels while the recruits are from the revolution.

The militias have come to be heavily relied on and they represent many different factions including radical Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Tensions are escalating over recent bloody clashes. Some are demanding the liberation of the capital from its militias. Despite efforts to tone down tensions, warnings of war coming to Tripoli are growing.

President Obama, after releasing billions of dollars and a nuclear scientist to Iran, said he has a 50-50 expectation of a nuclear deal with Iran. He is willing to let Iran have nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

John McCain on CBS this morning said Iran can’t be trusted. Iran is currently in Syria killing civilians in large numbers and sending arms into the country. The inspections which Iran has agreed to are nothing new, warned McCain. They have allowed them before while they were building plants and tunnels elsewhere.

Al-Qaida has grown far more powerful in Syria, so much so that General Salim Idris, the commander of the Free Syrian Army is holding talks with the Assad regime in Geneva in January to consider joining regime forces to fight off the Islamic radicals. There are thousands of foreign fighters – many from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards – in their ranks and they pose a serious danger to the future of Syria as they take over huge swathes of rebel-held territories.

Idris said his men have to fight a war on two fronts – against al-Qaeda at 24 different locations in the last six months on the one hand and Assad on the other. He has gotten little help from the United States.

Western security agencies now believe that Syria poses the most potent threat of terrorism in Europe and the US, from where hundreds of Muslims have gone to join the Syrian jihad.

Iran, while Mr. Obama holds out false hope for a deal, is developing missiles that could reach the US in a couple years. According to the World Tribune, North Korea is helping Iran develop its new Sejil missile while Iran is financing much of the North Korean missile program.

“Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable of reaching the United States by 2015,” the U.S. National Air and Space Intelligence Center said.

At the same time, President Obama is demanding Israel give up its role in securing the border with Jordan to the Palestinian Authority in anticipation of turning the West Bank over to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are unhappy with the deal because they want Israel to have no presence on the Jordanian border.

Yemen is again becoming a safe haven for terrorists and it is believed that al-Qaida has infiltrated their military.

Obama’s Arab Spring has overthrown dictators but left many openings for al Qaeda.

According to The Long War Journal, Thomas Jocelyn spoke of the danger of al Qaeda spreading in Northern Africa before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, saying in part:

The Arab revolutions not been the death knell for al Qaeda as some analysts claimed it would be.

Instead, al Qaeda and other ideologically-allied organizations have taken advantage of the security vacuums caused by the uprisings. In Mali, for instance, an al Qaeda branch that was once written off as nothing more than a “nuisance” to the residents of the countries in which it operated managed to take over a large swath of territory, thereby forcing the French to intervene.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and its allies imposed their harsh sharia law on the residents of Mali at gunpoint, destroying local Muslim traditions and practices until the jihadists could be dislodged from power. Even now, however, the al Qaeda-led alliance threatens Mali. Many of the jihadist fighters melted away into neighboring countries, where, free from the West’s superior military might, they have regrouped and lived to fight another day.

AQIM operates in several countries. ‘The terrorist threat emanating from North and West Africa is a dynamic problem set with no easy solutions,’ according to the Journal.

Ansar al Sharia in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen has grown since the uprising and they are closely aligned with al Qaeda and the global jihad.

If we don’t admit the problem exists, how can we deal with it?

Unfortunately, while all this is going on, President Obama is typically disengaged and voting for pie-in-the-sky solutions.