President Obama Launches an Attack on an Enemy – Staples!


Update: 02/13/15: Staples actually provides health insurance to their part-time workers as it turns out. He has to return profits to his shareholders and needs to cut down on the workforce. Barack Obama should apologize. Nothing Obama said was correct.

President Obama, who can’t muster up much energy to fight ISIS, propped himself up long enough to attack Staples during an interview with Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed asked President Obama about Staples’ decision to tell workers they can’t work more than 25 hours in a week. Obama was very critical, saying they are making billions in profits and are keeping their employees from getting Obamacare. Neither is true.

Staples said it has been their policy for a decade and it had nothing to do with Obamacare.

Even if it did, who could blame them? We were warned about Obamacare’s impact on businesses and the economy.

The anti-Capitalist president made sure to lash out against Staples and other corporations basically for trying to make a profit and protect their investors.

Obamacare is costing corporations and the economy billions.

After sticking the country with a bad healthcare bill, he now thinks he has the right to tell businesses how many hours they have to give employees. It’s actually none of his business.

During the interview, he said:

“It’s one thing when you’ve got a mom-and-pop store who can’t afford to provide paid sick leave or health insurance or minimum wage to workers … but when I hear large corporations that make billions of dollars in profits trying to blame our interest in providing health insurance as an excuse for cutting back workers’ wages, shame on them…

…I haven’t looked at Staples stock lately or what the compensation of the CEO is, but I suspect that they could well afford to treat their workers favorably and give them some basic financial security, and if they can’t, then they should be willing to allow those workers to get the Affordable Care Act without cutting wages.”

Obviously, no one is keeping anyone from getting Obamacare. They can go out and get insurance off the exchanges because they don’t get it through work. That is what the administration wanted – non-employer based insurance.

Staples is not making “billions of dollars in profits”. They’re struggling to keep profitable. They are currently joining forces with Office Depot in an attempt to compete with Big Box stores.

Staples slammed back. “It’s unfortunate that the president is attacking a company that provides more than 85,000 jobs and is a major tax payer,” Staples spokesman Mark Cautela said in a statement, adding that the company “is a leader in helping associates build a secure future.”