Really Good News from Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama gave out some good news at the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – 2016, she won’t run for president. At least not this year. And then again, she could be lying or, who knows, maybe she will end up on our currency.

She was also asked if Hillary has made and can make major accomplishments as a female candidate. Basically, the answer to that is Hillary shows up for work and is phenomenal.

JONATHAN: “Johnathan [indecipherable]. I’m 14 years old and my question to you is do you think Hillary can — is, um, has made, has made major accomplishments as a female candidate and would you like to run for president yourself?”

M. OBAMA: “I think Hillary Clinton is the phenomenal woman. And I’ve gotten to know her and I think she’s made some pretty major contributions over the course of her life. She’s devoted her life to public service as have many people in — you know, who are seeking the presidency. Um, but I, you know, Hillary Clinton is an impressive woman and I’ll not do what she has done.

I’ll not run for president. But there are other things that I want to do to stay involved in working in public service. Great question.”

Notice how she didn’t name any accomplishments? We can help Mrs. Obama out with Hillary’s accomplishments – she doesn’t have any though she did get four men killed in Benghazi and named post offices as a senator from New York.

Tamara Holder, a very liberal contributor on Fox News, came up with Hillary’s biggest accomplishments and we have all agreed here at the Sentinel that they are accurate.