Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin: All Options Need to Be on the Table – Video


Congressman from Long Island Lee Zeldin and Congresswoman Martha McSally from Arizona’s 2nd district, appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning, representing Freshmen congressman.

When asked what she hoped to accomplish, Congresswoman McSally said she hopes to concentrate on jobs, the economy and immigration.

Chris Wallace asked Congressman Zeldin where he stood between the establishment and a Ted Cruz.

On shutting down the government, he said “all options need to be on the table and we need to use the power of the purse.”

He said Mr. Obama is acting like a monarch and his actions are unconstitutional. He believes we must respond to the message sent in September and use the power of the purse.

He talked about leadership, expressing the feelings of many when he said people who are representing us must remember where they came from and live up to the values they were elected to uphold.

Both were asked about the Scalise sideshow. Congressman Zeldin said it was 12 years ago and the speech was about wasteful spending. He also believes it is just an attempt to attack Republicans.Congresswoman McSally said we need to get the jobs done and not concentrate on sideshows.