Rubio Still Pushing Legalization Before Border Security



SHEEPLECartoon photo of Marco Rubio speaking to the sheep

Rubio and his friends in the Gang of Eight support the Hoeven-Corker amendment to the immigration bill which adds 20,000 additional border patrol agents, 700 miles of border fencing, and an e-verify system for immigrant workers. These measures would be enacted before anyone receives a green card but after legalization. The reality is that the bill still legalizes millions with only the promise of future border security.

Senator Ted Cruz said the amendment still puts “legalization before securing the border.”  Senator Corker said that Cruz’ comments are untrue but they are true. They are talking about two different things. Cruz is talking about legalization and Corker has jumped to green cards. The amendment will put green cards after border security but not legalization.

What it doesn’t change is the fact that people here illegally will still be legalized within six months nor does it change the fact that ICE will be placed under the iron fist of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. It also adds billions in costs to the already expensive bill.

The bill is a big government bill and grows the size of government.

The amendment does not address the federal wilderness area along the border where drug cartels are making a home.

Rubio has been advertising the immigration bill as having the toughest border controls in the history of our country, maybe even the world. Now he says, border control isn’t tough enough and he wants tougher border enforcement.

He will not, however, insist on border security first.Rubio wants legalization first and has misled conservatives about that.

The bill, even with this amendment, will legalize millions of people along with their families. The bill still sets up chain migration. Can we afford this?

There is no reason for the addition of 20,000 agents on the border which the amendment calls for. It’s not tied to any plan. It’s just there.

When asked how we will pay for these agents, Hoeven said they will be paid for by the CBO’s projected savings over ten years. The CBO numbers are guesswork. Basically, Hoeven is using money that doesn’t exist.

The CBO also reported that unemployment will rise, wages will be lowered, and illegal immigration will continue at a rate of 75% of the current rate. The amendment does not address the first two issues and only addresses the second if the “promise” of border security is realized. Since we already approved the fencing in 2003 and it still hasn’t been done. there is no reason to believe this will be implemented either.

Only 39 Senators voted for Thune’s amendment to build the fence which was approved in 2003. Thune’s amendment would have required half the fence be built before legalization. Senator Vitter’s amendment would have set up the biometric system before legalization and that was voted down 58-36. All four GOP members of the Gang of Eight voted against fence and visa amendments.

Harry Reid is ramming the bill through before July 4th.