Say It Isn’t So Uncle Joe, You Told Us We Could Buy a Shotgun



Uncle Joe said we could have shotguns. He told us to go out and buy a shotgun but now we might not be able to do that.

The Democrats in Colorado want to ban a shotgun used commonly by hunters.

via GOP

A widely used hunting shotgun would be banned under a package of gun-control bills sponsored by Democrats sailing through the Colorado General Assembly, according to state Republicans.

State Sen. Greg Brophy said he received a call last week from a constituent who pointed out that the bill to ban high-capacity magazines would apply to the pump shotgun, which holds eight shells but can be readily converted to hold more.

Here’s Uncle Joe telling us to buy a double barrel shotgun:

I guess two shots are less lethal? That’s illogical! That’s illogical!

This is why women need an AR-15 and not a shotgun:

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