Terror of a Prosecutor Appointed to Attack Wall Street, Businesses, Political Opponents


Former Enron Executive Andrew Fastow And Wife Agree To Plea Guilty

Leslie Caldwell, Terror Prosecutor.

A terror prosecutor appointed to the DOJ by Barack Obama has a history of ignoring the rule of law to attack opponents.

Leslie Caldwell, known as a “terror of a prosecutor,” will now head the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, more than ten years after destroying the accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, a case later reversed unanimously by the Supreme Court of the United States for the “weird” and unsubstantiated case it used to bring down the renowned firm.

She will target businesses, banks, and political opponents and this will come right before an election. She will be looking for “political corruption.”

The administration’s arrogance knows no bounds. Look at the smugness of his appointees at the IRS for example, especially Koskinen, hand-selected by Obama. This is the type of administration we now have. It’s run like a criminal enterprise and he is the Don.

Caldwell previously served as Director of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Enron Task Force from 2002 to 2004. From 1999 to 2002, she worked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California, where she served as Chief of the Criminal Division and Securities Fraud Section. She comes with a hatchet and little regard for the rule of law.

Barack Obama shares the values of the mostly violent Occupy Wall Street crowd who raged through the streets of New York and other large cities a couple years back with signs calling for the downfall of capitalism and the destruction of Wall Street.

class war ahead

Obama’s bank regulations have put most small banks out of business and made the banks too-big-to-fail bigger. His solution is to fine and prosecute the banks.

Obama’s DOJ has been fining and raiding the major banks for years, all under the pretext of the guilt they held for the economic collapse. Obama is taking the next step and bringing back the terror prosecutor, Leslie Caldwell, who single-handedly destroyed Arthur Anderson and 85,000 jobs. The conviction she won was unanimously reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States after the company was completely destroyed by her “convoluted” cae.

Caldwell and her alter ego Andrew Weissmann, discounted businessmen and bankers as “wise guys on Wall Street,” and ignored rules of law because they believed the end justified the means and the end in this case was also unjustified. They put together statutes concocting a fabricated law to make Anderson guilty of a crime.

Arthur Anderson was a prestigious Chicago accounting firm known for its meticulous examination of records, making it the gold standard of accounting firms for decades.

Arthur Andersen’s conviction was for shredding Enron accounting documents as that company was collapsing in one of the nation’s biggest corporate scandals. They were following their own rules and shredding unnecessary documents.

Without proof and followed up by telling the jury they required little proof to convict, prosecutor Caldwell moved the case forward to conviction.

The court held that the trial judge’s instructions to the jury failed to require the necessary proof that Andersen knew its actions were wrong.

When the decision came down, “Indeed, it is striking how little culpability the instructions required,” Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist said in his opinion for the court, issued just over a month after an argument in which justices across the ideological spectrum expressed great skepticism about the prosecution of Andersen. During the April 27 argument, Justice Antonin Scalia characterized the government’s theory of the case as “weird.”

Rehnquist said there was no evidence of willful wrongdoing and there was no connection established between Enron and Arthur Anderson that would prove criminal intent.

Arthur Anderson welcomed the decision as did the many corporate bars who filed friends of the court briefs but it was a Pyrrhic victory for them. They were destroyed.

She is already at work and Credit Suisse already caved in terror. They will pay a reduced fine of $2.6 billion and plead guilty to a criminal charge.

BNP will pay an $8 to $9 billion fine and will be temporarily banned from using our already sinking U.S. dollar.

This will have , according to the New York Observer, “far-reaching consequences for American companies doing business in Europe. They may be targeted by foreign governments in real or perceived retaliation, and their ability to do business with BNP will be impaired.”

French President Francois Hollande said such demands are “unfair” and “disproportionate” and threaten not only BNP but also the “economic stability of the euro zone.”

He’s correct.

As Sidney Powell wrote in the New York Observer yesterday: “Americans should brace themselves for an unprecedented assault on businesses, banks and political opponents of this administration—regardless of the law or the facts. Expect increasing use of the Department of Justice as an instrument of “terror” to extort large civil penalties or fines from businesses under the threat of criminal prosecution and the death penalty that Ms. Caldwell and her cronies dealt Arthur Andersen.”

“Meet the new boss—worse than the old boss,” he added.

Caldwell’s appointment begins a war on Wall Street and EU banks, businesses, and political opponents at a time when our GDP has sunk to -2.9%. An election is coming up and political donors to the opposition will likely be targeted.

It’s the Audacity of Obama.