The Schumer Bill to Overturn A Supreme Court Ruling

Senator Charles Schumer, who thinks the three branches of government are the House, the Senate, and the President

If the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona immigration law, Senator Chuck Schumer has a bill ready to overturn the Supreme Court decision. He held a hearing today to make his stand on the impending Supreme Court decision.

The Schumer bill is motivated, according to Schumer, by his refusal to allow states to have their own immigration laws. Schumer did not mention that if the Supreme Court upholds the law, it means that they have found it is consistent with federal law.

The Arizona law being considered by the Supreme Court tomorrow is Senate bill 1070. It requires police to check the status of people they suspect are in the U.S. illegally with probable causes, and to arrest those they consider eligible to be deported. Their law was drafted to be consistent with federal law.

Arizona has said all along that the federal government refuses to enforce immigration law and they are suffering severe financial and security problems as a result.

Schumer doesn’t have a lot of respect for Supreme Court rulings and doesn’t even seem to realize it is one of the branches of government.

Remember when he famously said, We have three branches of government, we have a House, a Senate, and a President. He didn’t know the branches were the Executive (the President), the Legislative (Congress) and the Judicial (SCOTUS). Now he doesn’t know that it is unconstitutional for the Congress to ignore a Supreme Court ruling.

Proceed to 1:10 to hear his famous quote –

At the same time, a Pew Hispanic research study is making news. It claims that migration from Mexico has halted (the increase has leveled off to be accurate) because of the poor U.S. economy, an increase in deportations, and a decline in birth rates primarily.

The study is from the Pew Hispanic Research Center and, therefore, does not deal with illegal immigration of non-Mexicans who account for about 42% of illegal immigrants.

The study has to be suspect because we are continually told that no one knows how many illegals are in the United States to begin with.

The report uses census and survey data as well as DHS records. The trend indicates that migration flow from Mexico appears to have stopped increasing from 2005 to 2010 and might have actually reversed, “might” being the operative word.

About 51% of at least 12 million Mexicans living in the U.S. are illegal and they account for 58% of the illegal population living in the United States. The Mexican-American population numbered about 33 million in 2010.

The report does not deal with current information and is based on the premise that we can possibly know how many are here illegally. It only deals with Mexican migration. Their research says that the “increase” appears to have trended towards leveling off.

The lamestream media seems uninterested in illegals from other countries.

The study is making headlines in the lamestream media but it really leaves a lot to be desired. It does not excuse this administration’s refusal to choose what immigration laws they will or will not enforce.