This Is Unbelievable, Proof That NBC News Is Run by Lunatics


David Gregory

Politico reports that NBC News hired a “psychological consultant” to interview the friends and family of David Gregory who is the host of “Meet the Press.” They did it so they could get “insight” into his “personality.”

The point of hiring the consultant, NBC spokeswoman Meghan Pianta said, was to “to get perspective and insight from people who know him best.”

The information presented by Pianta came from a report from The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi to examine the problems that bedeviled the show.

NBC said it wasn’t a psychological consultant, it was a brand consultant.  The brand consultants who did the interviewing at the company they hired – Elastic Strategy – are probably psychologists. Who else evaluates personalities? Elastic Strategy is strange. They have a website with almost no information on it. They’re undercover or too important to give out information.

Sources told Page Six of the NY Post that NBC had commissioned audience tests of other replacement hosts, including NBC political director and chief White House corespondent Chuck Todd, who we are told scored even less favorably than Gregory. Psychological testing?

The show has been slipping in the ratings for the past three years.

I’ve watched the show and the problem isn’t David Gregory, the problem is NBC and their far-left proselytizing.

NBC paid in the six figures for this evaluation of the host’s personality.

It’s fairly insulting to David Gregory. NBC stinks.