U.S. Exporters Sending Wheat to Iran


Iran has long claimed that sanctions against them have not inflicted damage on them but, rather, hurt western companies. It seems that is likely true. U.S. exporters have complained for the last decade that the loss of the Iranian market has cost them billions because of the embargoes on Tehran.

A 2000 law allows exemptions from sanctions for companies selling food or medical products. U.S. companies are now taking advantage of that and are exporting to Iran.

In March and April, U.S. exporters are selling Iran 400,000 tons of wheat. The wheat is said to be valued at $160 million.

That’s not the end of it, one American company was permitted to work on the Iranian gas pipeline despite sanctions aimed at Iran’s gas industry.

Everyone has their price apparently. We are sending our soldiers to the Middle East to fight in wars that Iran has meddled in with all their might and force and our exporters are worried about the almighty dollar.

Read here: Reuters