Uh Oh, BBB DENIES Fax to Trump on Debate Night



On debate night, Donald Trump was aggressively questioned about problems over his now-defunct Trump University. He is facing a class action lawsuit and the New York AG said the university was operating illegally as a university. The name had to be changed with the “university” removed. Marco Rubio called Trump a “con man” running a fake university as did Mitt Romney.

Megyn Kelly questioned Trump about the ‘D-‘ rating the university last had while it was operating but he claimed the university had an ‘A’ rating which it did have at one time. It also had a ‘B’ rating two years ago. It continually declined to a ‘D-‘.

Before the closing statements, Trump handed a fax to the Fox panel and said it was the upgraded rating to an ‘A’ just faxed in by BBB. Trump can be heard on the recording saying, “Better Business Bureau just sent it…this just came in.” This was reported by the Independent Journal Review.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is disputing the report. They were not the source of the fax, they said.

On Friday, the organization said this: “A video released by Independent Journal implies that BBB sent a fax in the middle of last night’s Republican debate, which we did not. The BBB Business Review of Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University) has shown ‘No Rating’ continually since September 2015. The photo tweeted out after the debate last night did not show the current BBB Business Review or the current rating.”

On Thursday’s debate stage, Trump said of his school, “We have a 98 percent approval rating, we have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau, and people like it.” Debate moderator and Fox News host Megyn Kelly responded that “the rating from the BBB was a D-minus, and it was a result of a number of complaints they received.”

Trump later claimed the rating was elevated to an “A.”

According to the BBB statement, “Over the years, the company’s BBB rating has fluctuated between an A+ and a D-. At this time, the status is ‘No Rating’ because the company is believed to be out of business.”

Trump appears to have had misinformation. He’s not a “con man”. This was a business that didn’t work out for him.

A CNN report filed Saturday charged Trump with breaking Fox News’ debate rules.

According to CNN, Trump consulted with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during the first commercial break Thursday. All contact between the candidate and their campaign is prohibited.

Trump’s campaign has not responded but it is a petty complaint.

The Trump University exchange:



  1. The question for me and that I would pose to Donald Trump supporters is, “what is it going to take for you to take a real, serious & honest look at who this man is and why in heaven’s name would you desire to foist him off on the rest of us who have done our homework & figured out that he’s an empty suit?” Trump is running to be the most powerful leader of the “free world” and the greatest country ever created! Yet, this is a man who was considered by the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to be a “con-man”! A man who has scammed literally thousands upon thousands of dollars out of the pockets of people like you & me who quite plainly can’t afford it! So, I ask one more time, “what’s it going to take”?

    • There is nothing. They are in revolt, period, and they feel he can bring us back to what we were. They think everyone else is too soft.

      It’s scary but it’s the journey we’re on and as much as I dislike Donald Trump, I will travel with him if I must because the alternative is the loss of our freedoms to the socialists. If Hillary gets in, she will go for the 1st, 2nd, 10th amendments and once one is gone, they’re all gone. Obama will be in DC for four years to make sure his lousy statist agenda becomes more engrained. Next to the Marxist in the White House, Trump looks pretty good, vulgarity and demagoguery and all.

    • You’re either terrible at research or you’re so biased you’re an idiot. When you build a multi-billion dollar company I might listen to your dribble.

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