Unbelievable Outcomes of Ferguson In An Upside-Down World


Michael Brown’s family is exploiting his death. His sister is planning to sell Michael Brown sneakers, his grandmother and cousins were selling Michael Brown T-shirts, his mother screams vulgarities at cops, and his stepfather wanted to burn Ferguson down.

The AP wrote Friday that the truth might never be known even though the evidence clearly points to Officer Wilson being innocent.

It’s been turned into a racist attack though there is no evidence it was. One person was quoted in the AP Friday as saying it doesn’t matter where his hands were (we know they were down). The reason he was shot, claims the man, is because he was a “big, black scary man.”

The truth is that he was shot because he was charging a police officer after having attacked him and after having robbed a convenience store and roughing up the clerk.

It doesn’t stop there.

With unmitigated gall and at the urging of the radical groups including the NAACP and the Brown and Head families in Ferguson, the U.N. Committee against Torture insists the U.S. investigate and prosecute police brutality and shootings of unarmed black youth and guarantee that tasers will only be used in life-threatening situations.

This U.N. panel membership includes anti-American members and, laughingly, China, the biggest offender of human rights.

The committee decried “excruciating pain and prolonged suffering” endured by prisoners during “botched executions” as well as frequent rapes of inmates, shackling of pregnant women in some prisons, and extensive use of solitary confinement.

They’ve taken isolated cases and used them to condemn the U.S. The U.S. is a member of this committee and it is undoubtedly what Obama hoped to hear. You won’t hear him say a word against these comments.

The review cited deep concern about “numerous reports” of police brutality and excessive use of force against people from minority groups, immigrants and homosexuals as well as racial profiling and militarization of policing work.

It referred to the “frequent and recurrent police shootings or fatal purusits of unarmed black individuals.”

These fools have been investigating us since 2006 and much of it has been instigated by the traitors in the NAACP, who are now nothing more than bands of vocal communists who happen to be black. It’s furthered by the statists in the U.N. who hate the U.S., in large part for attempting to curtail their abuses.

Barack Obama and his gang friends in Ferguson have dragged the United States into the irrational upside-down world of the statist.

Source: Reuters