Wake Up Says This Pollster As He Surveys Trump’s Chances



We report, you decide.

A GOP pollster for Marco Rubio’s campaign Whit Ayres is president of North Star Opinion Research and he hopes that Republicans wake up soon because there is no way Trump can win he says.

Demographics dictate that a Republican nominee who hopes to win the popular vote in November must gain either 30% of the nonwhite vote or 65% of the white vote. This hasn’t happened since Ronald Reagan and Trump doesn’t stand a chance, he claimed further.

As for 30% of the nonwhite vote, Trump’s favorable to unfavorable ratings in the latest Post-ABC News national poll among nonwhites are 16% to 81% (72% strongly unfavorable); among Hispanics alone – the largest and fastest-growing minority group – they are 14% to 85% (74% strongly unfavorable).

He fears that a Trump nomination will lock Hispanics into the Democratic column for a generation or longer.

As for 65% of the white vote, Mr. Ayers said, Trump’s favorable to unfavorable ratings among white women are 29% to 68%. His strongly unfavorable rating of 55% among white women is more than four times his strongly favorable rating among that group of 13%.

Trump can’t win 65% of whites if two-thirds of white women give him an unfavorable rating and mostly intensely negative.

Millennials are now the largest generation and Trump’s ratings with millennials are  now 18% favorable to 80 percent unfavorable, with 70% strongly unfavorable.

This could put the youth in the Democratic column for as far as the eye can see.

These negative ratings are so bad that they are historic for a major party nominee. When the Democrat ads are run, Trump’s ratings will sink further.

There are missing white voters that Trump has allegedly wooed but even if Romney had picked up every one, he would have lost.

Since 1984, no victorious Republican presidential candidate has received less than 91% support from Republicans, Mr Ayers said.

Trump’s favorable to unfavorable ratings among Republicans are 52% to 47%, with 34% strongly unfavorable.

Hillary Clinton’s favorable to unfavorable ratings among Democrats are 78% to 20% in way of contrast.

Mr. Ayers states, “A Trump nomination would put a Democrat in the White House, seriously threaten Republican majorities in Congress and leave the Republican Party in shambles. Let’s hope Republicans wake up before it’s too late.”

It sounds like no GOP candidate can win when one considers the requisite percentages needed.



  1. Why do you say hes not going to win we the people of America don’t wont any more bought and paid for politicians Trump 2016 we the people the silent majority is a wake and we want Trump for president

    • He can say that because you the people are not a majority of the people. In simple words. More people DON’T like him than do like him. Therefore, he can not win. If he is the nominee the Dem. Nominee will win. Is that simple enough for you?

  2. another hit piece on trump to try to change people minds. even if he does lose to a democrat, at least cruz loses as well. and so do the republicans who for some reason dont want trump or cruz in the white house, they are afraid that their gravy train is ending. american voters, scrutinize who you vote for to represent you in congress in all of the next elections. look at their voting records, or lack thereof for rubio, and look and see what bills they have sponsered or co sponsered. it is time for the american to have representation in washington. choose wisely, put the lifetime politicians in the unemployment lines.

  3. Sarah, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will literally spank any Democrat in the general election. I’m so damn sick of the freaks at Red State, SOOPERMEXICAN, The Resurgent, etc. spending every waking hour attacking Donald Trump and even more disgusting, Trump supporters. Check out what the pile of ass (forgive me), Erick Erickson said about “Trumpsters” …
    “The only people who love him are white supremacists, neo-Nazis, a white victim class of mostly blue collar workers, a group of white folks who have failed at life and blame everyone else for their own bad decisions, and a bunch of talk radio and TV talking heads who either are his besties or get tangible benefits by supporting him.”
    This is the clown who vows to never vote for Trump no matter what. Makes me sick. What will give the Democrats the White House is the ass-clowns who are so sanctimonious they’ll sell out the nation because they don’t like the way Trump combs his hair.

    • I can’t stand Eric Erickson any longer. He wouldn’t invite Carson to his conference because he said he only talks about himself – this from a man who is completely full of himself. I don’t watch Megyn any longer and Fox is moving left. Insulting supporters only drives up Trump’s support and it’s very, very arrogant and untrue. It shows what kind of people they really are. I don’t get to Sooper Mexican and Redstate much – almost never. Don’t know resurgent.

      I don’t think Trump can win but if you go by the polls, no Republican can win even though the Leading Dem is under FBI investigation. If true, our country is lost anyway. People need to vote their conscience.

      I prefer Cruz but will vote for Trump if he’s the candidate though I honestly don’t think he knows anything. I understand why people prefer him and he would surround himself with good people I believe.

  4. This is merely a distraction, and highly subjective, for a Rubio consultant to say Trump cannot win. What did you expect him to say? Voters best discuss issues, but issues are a minor part of the dialogue.

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