Will San Fran Dems Decide a Long Island Election Thanks to George Demos?



San Francisco Democrats might decide an important congressional election in Suffolk County Long Island, 3,000 miles away from their base.

George Demos, Good Son-In-Law, Bad Republican, Great Democrat

Democratic shill George Demos, who married into a family of far-left Democrats and whose father-in-law is partnered with Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, is known for deceitful and base attack ads aimed at other Republicans.

paul angelo nancy

Paul Pelosi, Angelo Tsakopoulos and Nancy Pelosi

George Demos started this year’s campaign with a bizarre ad comparing Rob Ford, the crack-smoking Toronto Mayor, to the bespectacled school administrator-turned congressman, Tim Bishop.

The theme of the ad was “tired of politicians?”

I don’t know anyone in the 1st Congressional district who is tired of the Toronto mayor because he has absolutely no connection to Long Island, Tim Bishop, or even the United States.


Moronic ad with Bishop, Obama and Ford

Demos ran the ad because he wants attention and probably doesn’t really want to hurt the Democrat, Tim Bishop, so much as his Republican opponent. At least that is how it looks to anyone watching his endless ads or reading his flurry of flyers being sent out each week.

Demos, who spent his last failed runs for Congress tearing apart other Republicans, has a new ad claiming State Senator Lee Zeldin voted for Obamacare, which he did not do, quite the opposite. After Demos makes this false claim in the ad, he asks the same question, “tired of politicians?”

Demos is the most political of all. He claims to be a conservative and spent his career in the big government SEC at a time when Bernie Madoff was getting away with his criminal activities. His career there ended mysteriously after he told the bank under investigation who their whistleblower was.

Demos has already amassed over $2 million for his campaign war chest on little ole Long Island, not surprising given his in-laws’ extraordinary wealth and their devotion to Democrats.

Demos is MIA on Long Island. He has an apartment on Long Island but no one ever sees him. We haven’t been able to find out if he has a job. He spends time in between elections not doing anything for Long Island.

We are being used.

George Demos took Rob Ford out of the ad I just mentioned and put Lee Zeldin in. The ad has a morphed photo of Lee Zeldin, Barack Obama and Tim Bishop and then proceeds to make the absurd claim that Zeldin voted for Obamacare.

The alleged “Obamacare” vote he is accusing Lee Zeldin of casting – S2600E-2013 – does not provide one dollar of state funding for Obamacare.

Lee Zeldin led the successful fight along with the other Senate Republicans, to block the legislation implementing Obamacare in 2012. Along with the Senate Republicans, he led the fight to prevent the insurance exchanges from being created in that year’s state budget.

Governor Cuomo then, as he often does, unilaterally created the insurance exchange in New York by Executive Order in April 2012.

The Demos ad is referring to federal funding received as a result of the Executive Order, which must be accounted for in the state budget. The vote being desperately distorted was an omnibus appropriation of a portion of the approximately $48 billion the federal government spends on federal programs in New York State.

This was money sent by the Obama administration to New York after Governor Cuomo unilaterally established New York’s Insurance exchange by Executive Order. Again, S2600E-2013 does not provide ONE DOLLAR of state funding for Obamacare.

In one of Demos’s many pricey flyers recently sent out to Long Islanders, Demos says that “George Demos has dedicated his career to standing up for innocent victims.”  He should have added, “Unless they are innocent whistleblowers, then I turn them in to the subject under investigation”, which in this case was J. P. Morgan Chase. Demos was supposed to be investigating J. P. Morgan Chase!!!

Demos’ ad says “If you are tired of the ‘go along to get along’ politicians in Washington and Albany, then stop voting for them.” Good advice George, since you turned in a whistleblower to the people you were investigating, you are obviously one of the ‘go along to get along’ politicians’ we had better not vote for.

The whistleblower, Peter Sivere, lost his job thanks to Demos. Demos even posted his name on the Demos for Congress site which caused Peter Sivere further harm.

Angelo Tsakopoulos, future father-in-law to George, wants to put the Republican House back in the hands of the Democrats as does George Soros according to the “Federal Observer” [so why would Angelo want the “true conservative” George Demos in the House??? I will leave it to you to decide.]

Angelo K. Tsakopoulos, Chairman of AKT Development Corporation and George Demos’ father-in-law, is one of the largest individual donors to Democrat candidates and party committees in the country, according to the Federal Election Commission. As of May 2012, the family contributed more than $1 million to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic National Committee, Senate Democrats and House Democrats, again, that is according to the Federal Election Commission.

AKT appears to have ties to George Soros and other nefarious leftists who engage in serious anti-Republican campaigning.

Check out this chart.

flow chart

Nancy Pelosi did not disclose at least one lucrative venture with Angelo Tsakopoulos, George’s father-in-law and benefactor. Pelosi did not list the investment on her federal disclosure forms until 2010, long after the initial investment was made.

If that’s not enough, you should know that Angelo Tsakopoulos is a former business partner of Phil Angelides (at AKT, where Chyrssa is/was VP) whom he supported for Governor in 2006. Angelides is tight with Soros and is Chairman of the extreme left BlueGreen Alliance’s Apollo Alliance Project. Apollo wrote the Stimulus bill.

Angelo Tsakopoulos did give a small amount to George Bush’s campaign, but he almost always gives to the likes of John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader [who in God’s name gives to Ralph Nader?]

The Tsakopoulos family might have used their power and influence in questionable ways. Angelo’s daughter, Eleni, was appointed Ambassador to Hungary. She is a good friend of Nancy Pelosi and their families have had profitable business dealings together, but Mrs. Pelosi did not mention those business connections when she lauded Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis to Congress and helped land her the position of Ambassador.

Eleni’s husband, Mr. Kounalakis, said later that his business dealings and their friendships had nothing to do with the appointment. Eleni Tsakopoulos’s husband, Markos Kounalakis is on the faculty of Central European University in Budapest, founded by Hungarian American entrepreneur and financier George Soros.

Tsakopoulos has reportedly worked closely with MoveOn.org, which is funded by George Soros. They are purposed to fund liberal attack machines whose mission it is to defeat conservative candidates across the country and reinstall Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Move On was one of the key organizations involved in the Communist-Socialist led movement, Occupy Wall Street.

Consider the following information gleaned from Federal Election Commission Records during his last run for Congress:

  • Angelo K. Tsakopoulos, his family and business associates are the largest contributors to Demos for Congress.
  • Tsakopoulos and his family alone have personally contributed $25,000 to Demos for Congress since September 30, 2011.
  • On a single day in January 2012 of this year, Demos collected campaign checks from 65 California residents totaling $63,350.
  • On that day, Demos received maximum contributions from major Democrat donors Angelo G. Tsakopoulos and his wife Katerina, as well as other executives and employees of AKT-related companies and their business partners, many of whom almost exclusively give money to Democrats for federal office.
  • On that day, Demos also received maximum contributions from Louis Vismara, another major Democratic donor and senior political advisor to California Democratic Senate President Pro-Tempore Darrell Steinberg and his wife Wendy.  It appears that Demos is the only Republican candidate Vismara has ever contributed to on the federal level.

The connections prompted Altschuler Campaign Manager Diana Weir to say that: “George Demos is a fraudulent conservative whose campaign is nothing more than a Trojan Horse funded by out-of-state liberals for the express purpose of trying to tear down Randy Altschuler and keep Tim Bishop’s seat in Democratic hands this fall.”

Weir challenged Demos to answer some questions about the motives behind his campaign:

“Why are wealthy California liberals, including paid Democratic political operatives with no history of ever donating money to a Republican, contributing so much money to the campaign of someone who claims to be such a pure conservative 3,000 miles from where they live?”

Why did these people invest so much money in a candidate who had zero mathematical chance of winning a general election against Tim Bishop given the fact that Randy Altschuler had the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines?

Was there a Demos for Congress fundraiser held in California?  If so, where was it held, who was the host committee, and will Demos produce the invitation?

“Fraudulent conservative George Demos should refund all the campaign cash he’s received from out-of-state liberals and stop allowing himself to be used by Nancy Pelosi’s political operation to do their dirty work against Randy,” concluded Weir.  “His smear campaign against Randy is disgraceful, and it’s time Republican voters know who pulls George Demos’ puppet strings.”

Demos is at it again, different election, same fraud.

Angelo and Nancy

Will Angelo Tsakopoulos and Nancy Pelosi pictured here decide a Long Island election from 3,000 miles away?